Thursday, July 28, 2011

A New Hello!Project Profile Picture~! YEAY!

There's a new group profile picture of all the H!P members, and I'm glad that they already have since it's the very first H!P group picture along with the MM 9th gen members.
As you can see, the line up is MoBeKiMaSu, and it's from oldest to youngest set up. Also, I love their yukata outfit, it's so summery. 
Love the cute hairstyles, except for Risako. What happened to her hair? Hope they made it more beautiful or cute, it's just not like her.
The other members do look amazing, also the 9th gen members. I love how they made their cute natural smile, especially Eripon, she made a great improvement recently.
Let's all look forward for their H!P Summer Concert minna~! :)

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