Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tsuji Nozomi Produced Jinbei and Yukata for The Season of Summer!

Tsuji Nozomi produced Jinbei and yukata for this summer, and now on sale!
I'm quite surprise that Tsuji produce clothes like these, well, I'm may be a little-not-so-updated about her. Jinbei is said to be a traditional clothing wore by men, women, girls, boys, and also babies for summer. Yukata, as what we've know, it is a casual summer kimono which is used to be wore during fireworks display, festivals, and other summer events.
It is said that Tsuji sold 5,000 yukata and jinbei last summer.. 
Check out the photos Tsuji shared in her blog.. =)

There's no information if how much it is, or where it is sold. But I think you can find it out in Tsuji's blog. Oh, don't forget to check her blog out, she changed her header.. :))

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