Thursday, June 23, 2011

Pocket Morning Weekly Q&A (week of 6/19/2011)

Morning Musume's Pocket Morning Weekly Q&A this week is ": If you could become another H!P member for one day, who would it be?"
I'm not really sharing about this, but since it's an interesting one, I'd like to share it with you all. =)
Anyway, read their responses to this question.. 

Ai-chan answered: "Sayashi☆
I'd like to hear people say "Cute ☆"
no matter what I do. She's really cute ☆"
Gaki-san answered: "Sayashi☆ Suzuki☆
I want to feel what it's like to be 12 again ☆"
Sayumin answered: "Suzuki Airi-chan.
I'd like to have that good feeling, singing
songs with charm, just like her!!!!"
 Reina answered: "Kumai Yurina-chan☆
I'd like to watch everyone from a
higher line of sight ↑↑"
Mitsui answered: "H!P Egg's Kudou-chan. She's cute!!!☆彡"
 Fuku-chan answered: "Yajima Maimi-san"
Eripon answered: "Niigaki-san."
 Yashii answered: "Takahashi-san."
Kanon answered: "I'd like to become Tsugunaga-san."
 The answers that interest me the most is from Ai-chan, Gaki-san, Sayumin, Reina, and Kanon.
Ai-chan's want to hear people calling her cute, is it because people are now calling her BEAUTIFUL? Well, she is both cute and beautiful in her own way, right?
As for  Gaki, she wants to feel of being a 12 year old girl again, which is interesting. Since it's been a long time, she grew up and now a mature person. She can feel it by wearing pigtails. That's her signature back then when she's still a teenager. =)
Sayumi wants to be Airi. Airi is really a natural performer, being so comfortable and confident onstage. Having the good feeling, and performing with her charm is just like Sayumi, right? But in a different way. Even though I noticed Sayumi to be a little awkward in some concert performances, she's still charming and keep her confidence alive.
Next is Reina, wanting to be Yurina. This is quite funny for me, but a very interesting one. She really wants to be tall. But being short makes her cute, well, not that short. She has the normal height for lady type.
Last but not the least, Kanon! She wants to be Momoko! She's so cute, and want to be CUTE! Now, I want to have Momoko and Kanon to have a unit together =D and that would be so cute! I hope Tsunku would think about that.
Mitsui, Fuku-chan, Riho, and Eripon do have a very interesting answer, but I want to share the top ones.
So, what do you guys think about their responses?


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