Thursday, June 23, 2011

Yagucgi Mari and Nakamura Masaya: A match made in Heaven "Newlywed life"

Just last month ago, it was reported that Dream MM member, Yaguchi Mari and Nakamura Masaya are married. Mari-chan made an appearance at the "Solatorobo Sore Kara Coda e" advertising department. “Solatoboro Sore Kara Coda e” recently won a Guinness World Record for advertising by having their 100-commerical run last year which spanned for eight hours. Yaguchi recommended this game by stating, “The game feels like a movie. If it becomes a movie, I would love to voice act it.

But here's the best part, Mari-chan shares with us why they are the perfect match =P

It seems like I cannot truly like someone unless our hobbies and preference match. I am a gamer but it seems like my husband is a hardcore gamer than me.” At times, the two of them completely immerse themselves in the game. “We can play games for two to three hours without talking to each other. It creates a very comfortable atmosphere for the two of us. He is the only one I know who I can be comfortable like that,” Mari says.

At 2nd grade, Mari-chan started playing games on Nintendo and started playing constantly until now “Usually, I don’t let anyone borrow my RPG games, not even my husband, unless I was completely done with the game. I can’t forgive myself even if I skip one story from the game,” comments Yaguchi. She continues, “I always carry my DS in my bag. If I leave it in my house, I’m afraid he (her husband) is going to play around with it. So we buy two games for each title we want to play.

It seems that Yaguchi is the only gamer in Dream MM, so it's a relief that she could find company at Ai Takahashi who is also a gamer. “Talking about games is really fun, isn’t it? Currently, my staff members and I are talking about it at backstage,” says Yaguchi. “I know that the current Morning Musume’s leader, Takahashi Ai is a gamer. But for some reason, none of the members of Dream Morning Musume are gamers. They constantly talk about beauty and fashion and I just can’t keep up with their conversation. But first, I guess I’ve got to make sure they buy some games to try out~”.

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