Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Preview of Nakajima Saki's 2nd PB Titled "W Saki"

Some previews of Nakky's new PB called "W Saki" which is 'double saki'..
According to Nakky, the theme will be white and black.
Here's an entry from Nakky:

I, Nakajima Saki will have my second photobook W Saki (Double Saki) releasing on July 15th from KidsNet-san! This time the theme is white and black! The pictures too have paired them together. The white was done with all my strength in natural makeup, and for the black I painted on fake eyebrows and red lipstick! Everyone, please support me!
This one is said to be the back cover. I'm not really impressed with idols wearing bikinis than wearing nice clothes. Even though fans like to see them with those bikinis for a big sale, I think that'll do it. We only got only few previews, so we can't really judge it in one to three photos. 
The front cover was Nakky wearing something like a sleeping wear? It does looks that way. The title somewhat distract me a little, wait! is that the logo of Wikipedia?!?!?! o_O What??! I doubt it when I first saw the photo as its cover. LOL!
I hope Maimai will have her 2nd PB soon. 
Anyway, there are only few previews from Nakky's blog. Hope more photo previews will be revealed since it'll be released this coming July 15th.
Don't forget to reserve your copies anyway!

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