Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Junjun, Linlin and Kamei Eri Came and Meet Morning Musume!

It's been a while since Junjun, Linlin, and Eririn left Morning Musume and Hello!Project.
But, this made me feel so happy and relieved when I found out that the trio came back and meet Morning Musume again.
How I miss them. I'm so happy that they're all well and healthy.. (^_^)
Here's a translation of Linlin's blog entry and some photos too.. 

My family.
For a day that was like a moving, fantastic dream, I truly thank youFor letting LinLin be Returning HomeLinLin, I am truly happy!!!All the members, the staff, all the fans! We will always be a family!~You know I love you!~
P.s. I hope Mitsui’s leg gets better soon!~ 
 They're so CUTE!
 Two powerful idols nee~~?
Linlin met the 9th gen members! YAY! Well, maybe they already met.. :P But it's good to be back.. :)

Here's an entry of Junjun's entry ^_^
My destination? Tokyo!Today, for the first time in 6 months I’m headed for Tokyo,
I feel happy but it’s a weird complicated kind of happiness.
I wanted to go and see a Morning Musume concert,
I want to meet everyone, everyone that supported us while I was in the group.
But I don’t know if me being there will be a good thing or not.
Maybe that’s just me thinking too much…. but
I’ve become calm within myself and so I’ll persist.
I hope everyone is happy and healthy.
 I think they only take this as a vacation.. (^_^)
 Destination?? of course! to Tokyo, Japan! 
Junjun's so beautiful.. 
Hope they'll have a good time.. :)
Sayumin blogged about Eririn.

You know. Kamei Eririn came to see the Zama concert.\(^ー^)/
I was super happy(≧ε≦)♪
As a gift, she brought fried bean curd dough pastries↑↑ They were super delicious♪~θ
(^0^ )
Sayumi really loves Eririn(;_;)
Before and after the show we saw each other a little, and it made me really really want to see her.(>_<)
Let’s go out to eat again in July~♪ We talked about that(o^∀^o)↑↑
I want to see her soon. (≧∇≦)
I love Eririn too much!
I felt nostalgic about the time when Eri was always beside me!
We talked about everythiiiing!
I feel like if I was with Eri, no matter what silly stuff we talked about we were laughing.(o>ω<o)
Eri is really strange. (@゜▽゜@)
She’s so funny. (-ω-)
Well, even now we can talk about anything through texts. (//∀//)
We’re eternally(*/ω\*) Sayueri  chan(●´mn`)
Oh no★Maybe Sayumi is yearning for Eri! (lol)

Well, as for Kamei Eri, who I missed the most, don't have any recent photos. (disappointed) Not a single photo of her.. I hope she'll have one.. I wonder if it's not allowed? Oh, well. Let's keep in touch and look forward to it!

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  1. When linlin,junjun & eririn graduated from Momusu,that make me dad T.T. now, I'll never haer her beauty voice again T.T...

  2. I don't think that having Eri's photo isn't allowed. It's probably because she has that skin condition that she's apparently getting treated, and trust me, with skin conditions, they always get worse before they get better. Or maybe it is already treated, and she just doesn't want her photo up, or is not ready to show the results yet.

    If it is her contract, though, maybe she's planning to comeback, and either her or the agency doesn't want to have any pictures of a fully healthy Eririn until she wants to come back (if she does), which could be a year or two from what we've seen with Konno and Ogawa.