Friday, July 1, 2011

BUONOxForsakenWorld [+single preview]



Buono !!!

as endorsers agaiiiinn?!

Forsaken World is the sixth MMORPG by Perfect World Entertainment for the North American market. The game officially launched into open beta on March 09, 2011. Original features in Forsaken World include a Vampire race called the Kindred, the ability for up to 10 players per server to become Gods, a unique PvP system, floating fortresses which guilds can fight over, and map-wide skill effects.

So, as far as I can understand, Forsaken World Japan chose Buono to promote them on their upcoming special campaign. And cool, they weren't just endorsers appearing out of nowhere but has their own name standing along with Forsaken World. ForsakenWorldXBuono

And what's even better, they got the single's preview on the website itself!!!! check it out, yo~!

but, that doesn't end there :D . for the single's CM, they had Airi!!!

more previews? "please?", sure!
side B Ice mermaid

:D what can you say?
Let's save up the words for the full PV itself
Can't wait for itttt!

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