Monday, June 27, 2011

Could Sayashi Riho be the future Ace of MM?

After the favors given to her at their "Only You" single, it's just been announced that 9th generation Sayashi Riho is releasing her first solo Pb + DVD w/c is set to release on August however the title is still unknown!!!

Tokyohive wrote : "Although the other 9th generation members have each put out DVD releases as part of the limited e-Hello series, Sayashi’s DVD will be a wide release, and will be tied in with her photobook."

To me, this is quite a big break to her since it wasn't been that long since she started her activities as a 9th generation member and not to mention she be the first to have a PB among the 9th generation and also it was faster on her part compared to her other seniors in HP. So the question that is going on my mind right now is that, is HP trying to tell us that after Ai's graduation Sayashi Riho will be one of the aces of HP now, particularly of Morning Musume?

Well, it's not much of a problem to me since she does have the potential,she got the charisma, she has a good singing voice and an awesome dancing skills! She's my personal favorite among the 9th gen and IMHO, I think she has more potential compared to Sayumi or Aika, of course that is if EXPERIENCE doesn't count. But nevertheless, whatever plans HP has for her, I wish that she could really uplift Morning Musume's current status now.

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