Saturday, June 11, 2011

Happy 6th Year Anniversary C-ute!

Happy Anniversary to C-ute~!
I never thought that it's already 6 years since they were announced as a group. I'm glad that they're still active as they always used to. 
All of their songs from the very first song they released until now are still suiting their personality, and their image. Even the Ooki na Ai de motenashite song still suits them. I'm glad that they release songs that has their personality, it makes me fall in love with them even more. Honestly, I'm a veeerrryyy BIG fan of them. 
As for their anniversary today, a thought stroke in my mind, and wondered if I can make a poll for the next header with the C-ute theme, which is now approved.
So it's now decided, the next weekly poll will be C-ute, and this will be choosing your most favorite single of them. Also, it'll be the whole week's theme song for the blog. :)
So, please look forward for the surprises, and keep in touch for the future entries. :)
Happy 6th
Let's keep supporting C-ute!

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