Saturday, June 11, 2011

Poll Closed!

The 2nd week's poll is now officially close.
The votes this week turns out good, which is great.
It's been a big battle between Riho and Kanon this week.
But, Riho's the winner.. Congratulations to her..
Mizuki got the most less votes, which is something disappointing.

  • Sayashi Riho- 32 votes
  • Suzuki Kanon-30 votes
  • Ikuta Erina-24 votes
  • Fukumura Mizuki- 13 votes
total of 78 votes.
As said, the winner will be featured in the weekly banner.

New Poll!
Since it's C-ute's 6th year anniversary today, I decided for a special poll for them. You guys have to choose and vote for your favorite 2010-2011 single/s of C-ute. This is still a weekly poll, and will be closed next saturday. 
  • Shock
  • Campus Life~Umarete Kite Yokata~
  • Dance de Bakoon
  • Aitai Lonely Christmas
  • Kiss Me Aishiteru
  • Momoiro Sparkling
Don't forget to cast your vote guys!


  1. Why there isn't Kiss Me Aishiteru in the poll...

  2. I just added it.. I apologize..