Friday, June 10, 2011

Airi Suzuki and Maimi Yajima's Big Announcement!

So, Airi announced few days ago at their Youtube Channel about the big announcement which they'll announce in this day, 20:00 JST.
So, they announced that they'll have their concert this coming June 18 to be streamed live at Youtube. It will start on JST time 15:00. Also, they announced that tomorrow, June 11, will be their 6th Year Anniversary.
I'm so glad, and happy about their big announcement. I never thought that it'll be their 6th year anniversary tomorrow. Now that reminds me that they were announced as a group last June 11, 2005. Also, having their concert next Saturday being streamed live at Youtube is something amazing. It gives everyone worldwide a big opportunity to watch C-ute having their concert at the exact day.
Here's are some screenshots from the live stream that was shared by IkuzuSuzuki at twitpic.
Let's watch C-ute's concert this coming June 18, and happily celebrate C-ute's 6th year Anniversary!

Big Credits to:
IkuzuSuzuki for sharing the screenshots..

To those who don't know what the link is.. Follow the instruction..
(Click the picture for a bigger view)
So, as you open C-ute Channel, you can find various buttons below the header. Click the button 'Live' and you can find the active events, upcoming events, and previews events..  :)


  1. What is the link to the live stream?

  2. grrr...can't watch it..i have class tomorrow T.T

  3. @Lumi: we still don't know about the link, but we'll try our hardest to find it..
    @Little Miyo: It's still next week, around 2 PM our time..

  4. what time is that Eastern Standard time in New York?

  5. if it's in NY, then the broadcasting will start 1:00 AM your time.. at the same day.. :D