Saturday, June 25, 2011


Our week's poll is now officially closed.
Wondering what the results are...?

Tsugunaga Momoko: 24 (27% votes)
Natsuyaki Miyabi:21 (23.6% votes)
Suzuki Airi :44 (49.5% votes)

Total Number of Votes: 89

Our winner is Suzuki Airi .

As expected of Airi, totally swooping half of the votes. Honestly, our banner was already made two days ago XD Since the first days of the week, it's been Airi leading the poll. I think Banner-san already knew 'til the end it will be Airi at first.
... for our Ichiban Kawaii Leader. I think it is good she hadn't got the last place, but surely she won't be satisfied with the results (if she'll ever know this). For our dearest Miyabi, maybe better luck next time for her fans supporting her.

And so, we got our charming Airi in our banner. Isn't it cute???

For this week's next poll,

Your "Chanpuru Unit"?
  • High-King
  • zoku V-u-den
  • Aa!
  • ZYX-a
  • Shinmoni
  • Petit moniV
  • Tanpopo#
 "Chanpuru" are the current shuffle units of Hello!Project. If you watched the last winter concert , these units performed.
Never thought making polls are hard. It is difficult to think what the next poll should be like. I chose this poll coz, I thought we also need a group appearing once in a while in our banner :D

I hope you will participate. Please do vote! Thank you!