Sunday, June 19, 2011

Buono Blogpost [TRANSLATED]

This was posted in Buono's official Blog 3 days ago, sorry for posting it late ^^;

Staff here!

A long time without make an updated. Is the Staff
Well, Buono! starting again!!

First all!

July 20th, Is the release for the 12th Single: 「Natsu DAKARA!」

This year, Buono! Live Tour 2011 summer ~Rock'n Buono!4~
start on August 20th, in (Osaka) Nanba Hatch!!

Few day ago, the Jacket and PV for「Natsu DAKARA!」was finished !
Also, it's a little different for the actual Buono!image, they going to have a classic style. (‐^▽^‐)

*The PV was taken for each girl separately!
Posted Image

We'll be given more information about Buono... stay tunned for more news m( _ _ )m

In the next days, the members will be updated the blog.

ohhh~Different from Buono Image, eh?
I'm supppperrr exccciiiteedddd~
I'm a big buono fan myself, so i'm always excited for every single release
and, Buono tends to surpass your expectations :D

Besides that, Single's tracklist was already revealed!
(well, I'm sure that there's the instrumental but it's not writed).
01 Natsu Dakara!
02 Ice Mermaid


[Limited Edition A] Natsu Dakara! (3Shot Lip ver.Sofa)
[Limited Edition B] Natsu Dakara! (3Shot Lip ver.white)


Bwahahahah. Buono got the coolest titles everrrr~

Let's look forward to it together !!!

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