Sunday, June 19, 2011

3 New Members Joined Hello!Pro Eggs!

New girls were announced  at today’s Shiodome AX event that they'll be joining Hello!Pro Eggs. 
I'm not really into H!P eggs, but this one's a good news since many eggs already graduated from their training. The new eggs are (Upper part)Yoshihashi Kurumi, (Middle part)Taguchi Natsumi, (Lower part)Hamaura Ayano
Tada~~! Yoshihashi Kurumi, a 6th grade student. She somewhat looks like Kanon :P
Well, she's cute, and looks comfortable with her photo.
Next is tada~~!! Taguchi Natsumi, a 5th grade student. She looks like someone in H!P, hmm.. Abe Natsume? The young Abe Natsume? She's so cute..
Last but not the least is taaddaa~~!! Hamaura Ayano, also a 5th grade student. There's nothing to talk about except that SHE'S CUUTTEE!!
Just by looking at their photos, makes me so excited to find out how well they sing and dance. Well, this brings me now to H!P eggs.
Here are their nicknames, anyways.. =))
Yoshihashi Kurumi  nickname: Kurumin
Taguchi Natsumi     nickname: Tagucchi
Hamaura Ayumi      nickname: Hamachan

Goodluck to the new eggs!

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