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C-ute's Concert Live Streaming [Additional Reports and Review]

Who watched the AWESOME (really awesome, I tell you) concert? *raises hand enthusiastically*
Hai, so i just wanna share some more infos about what actually happened in the concert (for those who are interested :D )
Note: there were actually 93,144 who viewed youtube's live broadcast :) Omedetou Kyuto!

People had started flocking on internet, some even had been waiting ever since the start of their day. Chatting and talking with each other in groups, gettin' noisier as time comes nearer. Even with time differences, despite it is late at night or VERY early in the morning, or even they need to wake-up early after few hours for school or work, still they waited. the event coming-up later on.

The dimly lit stage showed-up and everyone gasped, the intensity of excitement was felt even more. We actually waited for more several minutes before the lights started to dance and music blared on our beloved speakers. One by one, the members of Kyuto stepped out of the stage with their futuristic outfits. Truth is, I think everyone had their heart racing that time. Cum'on~ even it is just watching online, it is watching C-ute real-time along with those Japanese wotas live at the main venue. Yes, we're going to watch with them

1. Midnight Temptation.
A matured song for the opening. I was kinda expecting an up-beat song as first, as a typical H!P concert would be, but this works well. I personally like this song when I first heard it, and I think this has the beat to build up your energy.
2.Forever Love
The tension caused by the excitement slowly ceased. Instead, we started to relax more or rather, ENJOY MORE. I believe you were chanting along, neh?
And the energetic song of JUMP. Yes, they were jumping, ok? During this performance, Mai had her mic problems and wasn't able to sing a solo line. But it was quickly aided by a staff (amazingly unnoticed by some) and replaced the mic so on the second part, she easily coped-up again ^^
4.VTR intro
The VTR was awesome. It has this futuristic feel on it. I've been saying futuristic a lot already, neh? I think the concert's theme mainly focuses on it. Since we already mentioned it, the stage itself also expresses that. The first thing that came up to my mind was, spaceship XD with C-ute's counter in it :D
5.Momoiro Sparkling
Suddenly, within few minutes, they were on their single's outfit. C-ute does really do some quick changing back there.
Did the usual members' introduction routine buuttt~! This is exceptional. Besides greeting the audience at the concert hall, they also greeted the viewers in youtube! and guess what, Nakky greeted in english XD
Nakky: We hop---
Members: Ganbarre (Ganbarre)
Nakky: We Hope. You Will have. A wonderful time. With--
Someone from the members (i think maimi) :Kyuto!
It was soooo cute ~ <3 
I think they started singing their album's songs from here.
7. 3Ban Home 3 Ban Youme
If i'm not mistaken, this was some cute song in which Mai and Chisa were passing kisses by palms behind while Maimi was singing her part XD. How I love seeing them interact while on stage.
I know I've been noticing something... Indeed, Chisa gained some weight.
Chisa's change wasn't bad actually. Maybe she just ate a lot of chocolates these past few nights. She isn't totally overweight, or what, it is just normal. We just got used seeing SOOOO SKINNYYY (which still seemed normal to them) girls in C-ute that a bit of flesh addition looks not right already. Chisa is just normal, ok?
9.Kiss Me Aishiteru
Ok, we got to hint tiredness here. The start was breathy, with Chisa still going stable. But at the second stanza, girls easily regained their vocals which is quite amazing. They danced more and yet still they got the chance to store power.
10.MC - Nakajima, Suzuki, Okai
Entitled : Chou Wonderful Best Of 3. Nakky and Chisa standing at C-ute's counter, announcing the number while Airi sharing some kind of story in between. I don't actually understand what they're saying but I think heard nakky's face, "wakarimasen", and beauty salons?
11. Yajima Maimi Solo (Lonely Girl's Night)
I think everyone started changing outfits here. Maimi was in red dress.
12.Kimi no Senpou - Nakajima (Suzuki, Okai backdancers)
This was a cute song, perfect for Nakky's voice and with Chisa and Airi dancing along with her, it makes the whole performance cute XD.Nakky wore blue, pink for Airi and Chisa is green (ohh~ i thought the green kappa is airi?)
13.Amai Wana - Hagiwara (Yajima, Okai backdancers)
I can't actually remember the whole thing. I think this is some up-beat,matured song. Mai wore yellow.
14.Circle - All
A halt to solo series. This was such a wonderful song, it is relaxing to listen with. I can imagine the girls just sitting somewhere peacefully, reminiscing how long and strong their friendship had been. Airi also got an awesome close-up shot here(A VERY CLOSE ONE THAT CAN KILL).
And the presentation of album songs continues... haha. 'm so sorry.. i can't remember much.
16.MC - Yajima: 6 years of C-ute
Maimi did MC by herself in this part. She was just mostly talking which I can't understand so.. sorries ^^; .all i know the fans were laughing and she was doing some kind of pose a lot.
17.Sweeeets->->->Live - Okai
COSTUME CHANGED! I love this costume so much, and so the slingbaggg!!! I want it i want i want ! Hahah. anyways, Chisa proved once again how strong her vocals is. Actually, bit by bit, she slowly shows similarities with Risako...
18.Yes! Shiawase - Suzuki (Yajima, Nakajima backdancers)
Just like Nakky, OMG THIS IS SO CUTE! I just like how they're dance steps were, they were reallly sooo cuteee! In here, Airi had her hair tied.
19.MC - skit
This is a funny one. I wasn't even aware it was a skit. With Yajima, Airi and Nakky already on stage, Mai came-up bearing a mic for Maimi while calling her "Boss (bosu)" and Chisato calling "Yajima-sempai". They looked like some kind of gangsters XD I wish i was able to understand them. Nakky sounded funny the most with blunt "Oi. Suzuki." XD
20.That's the POWER
I dunno what exactly happened here, but I can remember them having so much fun on stage. I like seeing them interact with the fans, as they encourage them more to cheer-up and chant.
21.Bokura no Kagayaki
And the happy-lala continues! On the middle of the song, they had changed costume into lesser piece and more fleshy blue polka-dotted ones. Wotas roared louder, as they waved their concert tour's towel with C-ute.
22.Campus Life ~Umarete Kite Yokatta~
With so much energy exerted to the two earlier songs, they paced down to less tiring song (lack of words, i'm sleepy). Yeah, i'm doing this fast now. I think this helped for them to shortly restore energy for the next performance.
23. Chou Wonderful
Yes, this was awesome. During the break, each one of them performed solo dance exhibition. I wish I could describe it one by one but i'm really sleepy to think right now.
24.MC - water break
A short MC inserted for them have time to drink. Yeah.
Aren't they gettin' tired? They're just awesome. Been dancing a lot, with short breaks.. and even just having costume changes in most breaks. Go go go cute!
26.Seishun Song
Whooo~!!! Can't remember. I dont have that sharp mind ok? I'm sorry ^^; But after this song they went off stage and I was just listening to wotas "KYUTO" chants. I myself was chanting too while waiting for them to reappear.
27.Kore Ijou Kirawaretakunai no
oh yeah! white short jackets w/ lapels over black tube tops, black pants. But I can't really remember much again...
My beloved MC indeed. This was their closing remarks.. with special english ;) Airi even nearly forgot her english phrase, but that's worth waiting for since she had something extra meaningful to say :D
Saki: I'm happy
Mai:I Love you
Okai:Everyone, Everyday, HAPPY
Suzuki: One World/Note, One Music 
Maimi: [?]We hope we will go to meet everyone
Very very cuteee~
29.Iza, Susume! Steady Go!
Last song.. ended already.. Time sure flew fast, we weren't aware since we were having so much fun. Thank you so much C-ute!

Off to sleep~

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