Saturday, June 18, 2011

C-ute Concert Previews from the Broadcasted Performance

It's totally a wonderful time witnessing C-ute's live performance. They really rock the whole stage! Having the idea of making their today's concert to be streamed live on Youtube gives so much opportunity to all the foreign fans who wished to watch it live. Even though it buffers a little slow, and skips few seconds, it's quite successful, and hopefully the other H!P groups will do the same.. =)
So, for a preview, I printscreened almost the whole concert. I want to share this to the whole world how amazing C-ute really is. 
Check them all out below!

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  1. Arigato for the °C-ute live. view since france ^^. Airi, you is my favorite. Welcome °C-ute in france.