Sunday, May 8, 2011

Morning Musume 10th Generation Members Audition Announced!

The auditions for Momusu's 10th generation members has been announced!
The submission will be taken until June 13.
I'm totally surprised about this news, since the kyuukies just debuted few months ago. I'm also excited about this since the 9th gen will be senpais afterwards. It is said that the applicants should be between the age of 10-17 years old. Well, there's a girl who I want to be part of Momusu family, too bad she's 'till 9 years old. Anyway, they're looking for girls who has this positive personality, and has the full confidence.
I'm so excited about this, and will be looking forward to it. It's like the old Momusu days is getting back(in a good different way). To those who are planning to apply, don't forget to send your applications before or until June 13. Goodluck and GO MORNING MUSUME!

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  1. can someone please help me im trying to audtion but i can't read japanese very good i would really love to know how to audtion please!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Me tooi would want to audition but i cant read japanese either how to you even get the application? please help me ^-^

  3. You have to live in Japan to audition, and if you can't even read the site then you won't get in. You'd have to be able to communicate with the producers, dance instructors, other members, and fans in fluent Japanese. How would you even read the lyrics to the song or participate in an interview?

    Unless they revive Coconuts Musume, you're out of luck. :/

  4. They should let Aibon back in.