Saturday, January 22, 2011

Long Time No News! S/mileage Portion

1. 4th Single "Shortcut" Profile Pictures
S/mileage 4th single entitled "Shortcut" profile pictures has been released. The outfits are all flowery, and their S/mileage badge will never be removed from their outfit. I love their cute poses, such as Saki's and Kanon, I love both of them. 

2. 4th single’s Regular edition B-side titled Otome Pasta ni Kandou

uploaded by: 5fs9
The melody of this song suits the S/mileage image. A cheerful cute song seems to suit them always, just like now. Hope their future songs will be just like this cheerful one.

3.S/mileage – “Short Cut” HQ Covers
Limited A
Limited B
Limited C
Limited D

4S/mileage – “Short Cut” PV

Uploaded by: S/mileage


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