Saturday, January 22, 2011

Long Time No News! C-ute Portion

1. Suzuki Airi – “Keitai Kanojo” DVD 
 The DVD for the Japanese horror drama titled "Keitai Kanojo" where Airi's in has been announced. This announcement provides a cover and some screenshots of the drama. The cover features Airi and her co-star Seika Taketomi(who plays as a ghost) holding a mysterious mobile phone.As for th screen shots, it already thrill us and excite us to watch this movie.
The DVD will be released this April 6.

2. Yajima Maimi – “Black Angels” DVD
The DVD for Maimi's movie entitled "Black Angels" has been announced. This one as well was announced along with the cover and some screen shots. It's good to hear that many idols from H!P has been part of a movie.
The cover features Maimi wearing a pinkish japanese fighting outfit with some weapons on her leg, with her co-star in front of her. I love Maimi's expression and the way she shows her importance to the movie. The screen shots makes me thrill again. Maimi's fighting pose with her facial expression looks stunning as always.
Hopefully fans will have their copy for this DVD. This will be released this coming April 27.

3. C-ute – “Kiss Me Aishiteru” Full Preview
A full radio rip preview for "Kiss Me Aishiteru" has been released. The song has a mature and cool tone as what Chisa said when they announced about this single. I love the starting of the song, it has a unique melody. Many parts of the song are being echoed by each of the members such as "nee" and "please" around the chorus. Many unique touches has been added too like "love me" and "kiss me" which makes the song show their uniqueness. This song reminds me of Morning Musume "Egao Yes Nude", the outfits as well, since it's purple.
As for the outfits, they got a golden upper and a purple shorts. It has a great combination of colors.  The shoes used are catchy, for a girl like me.

This single will be released this coming February 23.

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