Friday, February 11, 2011

Long Time No News!! Hello!Project News

So, it's been really a long time since I updated the site. I've been so busy and never had a vacant time to update. Anyway, I'm going to take this chance to share you guys about the recent news of Hello!Project. I'll combine every single news of all the group in a single entry. Anyway, I know you already heard about these news, but I'll still share it as recap or reviews or something that going back to the past news..
First of all, Buono! opened up their own official Youtube channel. The channel has uploaded so far as 15 videos, and one of them are somewhat an introduction for their YT channel, that's what I can tell. Anyway, in the 15 videos, two of them are the PVs for their latest single. One is for the "Zassou no Uta" and another one for "Juicy He@rt".
This PV and the stunning song really is a good way to have the Buono! comeback. It's been a year since their last single. The sad thing is that the PV don't have a dance shot which is part of Buono's charming point. But it still turns out well, the different cute scenes, especially when they're in a garage fixing, cleaning cars. I like the band scene, they're singing gladly, and just turning out everything perfect. 

In this one, there are many kinds of scenes. Such as the scene where they're sitting on a sofa of the yacth singing, and the scene where they're having their snacks, I think. Another scene was the one when they're in a front of a beautiful mansion, arriving while riding in two different luxury cars, wearing a rockish outfit, which kinda been a little bit familiar to me. The song really is a Buono-ish style, and I really, really love how it sounds. 
Apart from the Buono's YT channel, 2 PVs released, an official ameba blog of Buono! has been opened up. The banner really stands out, in front if a black background. Buono! style is the most unique when it comes to fashion and designs. It really suits and match their latest single. anyway, here's the link for their blog. 

Next stop, the title for Morning Musume's spring tour. It's Morning Musume Concert Tour 2011 Spring: New Genesis Fantasy DX~Welcome 9th Generation Members~”. The title kinda be alike to the tour "Morning Musume Fall Tour 2005: Natsuaki Baribari Kyoushitsu Koharu Chan Irasshai", since it warmly welcomes the new member/s. Apart from that, it somewhat tells about new genesis, and fantasy. Many things to define the title. Anyway, let's look forward to it, and welcome the new momusu members.

Niigaki Risa released 8 songs in the "Hello Cover" series, and it's the same songs as Eririn covered before she graduated. It's kind of disappointing that the same songs will be covered, and which feels a little boring. But this will help Gaki to be promoted as the next leader of Morning Musume after Ai-chan will graduate.

Apart from Gaki, Ai-chan and Reina released a song in Itunes for "Hello Cover" as well. Takahashi Ai released “Koi wo Shichaimashita” which is a cover of Tanpopo’s song and Tanaka Reina released “Manatsu no Kousen” which is a cover of Morning Musume’s 5th single.I'm not really familiar with the song Ai-chan's covering, but I know it'll be great. As for Reina, it's a great song to cover, with her very skilled voice. Hope many idols will cover a song and impress us all. 

The first profile picture for Morning Musume with the 9th gen members has been released several weeks ago, and it's incredibly stunning. Their outfits are all great, especially the black-and-white outfit of Aika, Mizuki, Erina, riho, and Kanon. Ai-chan and Gaki's colorful outfit and Reina's accessories may distract a little, but it still turns out great. I love Kanon and Riho's bright smiles, it makes them stands out, especially Aika's facial expression. 

An e-hello ! DVD for Tanaka Reina has been announced also. It's was entitled "Attracted" which really interprets Reina's attractiveness. the picture above was somewhat a preview or a cover, maybe. 

The DVD preview really is stunning. Reina's eyes seems to be one of her best charming point. In the preview, Reina's wearing 3 different outfits, one was the outfit she wore in the photo, another one was a rockish-punk outfit, and the last one was a black elegant dress with her hair down.
Michishige Sayumi will be having her own e-Hello DVD too, and it's entitled as "Homey". It's great to hear many members are having their own DVD, with a very unique theme, from what we can tell in their different titles.

The preview looks amazing, it may be simple but very impressing. Sayu's cuteness can never be beaten, right? It's makes the whole minute and 18 seconds smile the whole time watching. The preview has 3 different scenes, with 3 different outfits. There's a normal home outfit, another one was the white blouse and the blue skirt which really makes her more cute, and the last one was the black elegant dress, which makes her beautiful. It makes the whole video as one of the best videos ever.

Momusu's 45th single has been announced, and the title will be "Maji Desu Ka Ska!". It's great to hear that they'll be releasing a new single, and it's going to be the 9th gen debut single. This makes me so excited and really looking forward for the coming next days. This single will be released in 5 versions: Regular, Limited A (+DVD), Limited B (+DVD), Limited C (+DVD), and Limited D (+DVD). It's going to be released this coming March 23rd
The profile pictures for c-ute's 15th single "Kiss Me Aishiteru" has been released. The outfits are totally different from their gold and purple outfits that they used to perform. It has a mature-cute-flowery look which really looks amazing. 
Maimi's outfit really looks stunning, The combination of a high waisted skirt with a wide white blouse, with a summery hat and a cute necklace makes her spring look more stunning. I totally love her shoes though, it stands out so much.
Nakky has a princess look. Her sky blue outfit, with her curled hair and a flowery crown combined with a very cute pose makes the photo even look greater than usual. The socks seems to be distracting though, but it still look grat. 
Airi has a great look. Her long sleeved soft pink blouse with a matching soft pink skirt makes her look great, but the socks and shoes just distracting the photo a little. I love her hair style though, with pink flowery accessories just makes her cute. 
I like Chisa's outfit. It really looks unique than the other members. It makes her look more cooler, and the hairstyle makes everything look great. The shoes matched great to her whole outfit. I just don't know why the other people commented Chisa's outfit is not complementing her body greatly, and not really suits her (maybe the skirt). But it still looks great.
Last but not the least, Maimai's outfit, my most favorite. Maimai never fails me, she's the best one from all the photos. Her cute little hat, her dress, and everything looks awesomely great and cute. Her shoes are totally different from the others since it's black and the others are brown.

This will be for now.. I'll post another entry later since I'm a little bit busy..

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