Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hello!Project 2011 Calendars

This news was released last month, I think. It maybe already released last month, but I want to share my thoughts to every single thing about it. All of the calendars are definitely unique and stylish. Some may be simple, but I totally love everything.
firstly, Morning Musume's calendar

Momusu's calendar is totally formal and elegant. They really impressed me with their facial expressions, with their elegant poses. I will be very glad if Koharu will be in it, the calendar will be shining with her smile. It seems to be the theme of black and white, since everyone's(almost) wearing it. I totally love Gaki, Reina, Sayu, and Ai-chan's outfits, it really suits their beauty.

Next is Berryz Koubou's calendar

Berryz Koubou's calendar seems to be a variety. They might not impressed me much, but I love how they look here. They made the sign of peace while smiling at the camera with their cute outfits,especially Momo, with her business woman outfit, and Risako, Chinami and Maasa's school girl attire. Miya looks cute with her outfit as well with her cute hairstyle.

Next is C-ute's Calendar

C-ute's calendar seems to be so simple but I love how it looks. They are all wearing school uniforms, and posing cutely through the camera. The thing that makes this calendar more special and unique is the red emblem on the red ribbon title at the top of it. Everyone looks so promising with their friendship look.

Next is S/mileage calendar

S/mileage calendar's similarly looks alike from C-ute's calendar because of the school uniforms. well, their blazers are much different. Since it's their first group calendar cover, I was expecting a unique theme more for them. At least their group name under the cover looks great with the pinkish color f it.

Last but not the least, Mano Erina's calendar

Erina's calendar really looks refreshing. Erina wearing overalls and a tube top while doing an incredibly sexy pose and smiling at the camera. Even though it might be a bit simple, I love how it looks since Mano’s eyes, body, and smile all look incredible against the bright blue sky, with the normal title font.

I love how all the covers look, especially Momusu and Eri's cover. Everyone looks totally great and unique, which impress all the viewers and fans that will buy these calendars. These calendars are already released last September 20, 2010. Hopefully, we all get a chance to see the inside of these different interesting covers.

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