Saturday, September 25, 2010

私が感銘を受けた Sugaya Risako!

A preview for Sugaya Risako's first solo single entitled "Elegant Girl" has been released a while ago. I already got excited to see the PV ever since I saw the CD covers for it. Purple! *laugh*
The preview may be short, but it makes me feel so excited to see more of it. I really don't like her before because of her body figure which looked alike more Aibon in her early days. Aibon lost some weight, and now so much look like a beautiful lady. Anyway, Risako's beauty really shines here. I started to like her because of the covers, not only because of purple. it's because I can see her eyes clearly here, not like in the other photos and videos that was covered with her fringe. Everyone said that she's so beautiful, and now I can see why. Hope her hairstyle will be like this from now on, and no more long fringe that cover all her eyes.
I think the theme of elegance suits her the best. With the jewelry of pearls makes everything more perfect. All the scenes shown made me like her, it's so elegant to look. It's a great choice for this kind of song (single). This single is for the anime called "Gokujou!! Mecha Mote Iinchou", and Risako's character will be a dark rival one named Himuro Ibu. Hope there will be a DVD available for all the episodes later as it ends. I'm going to buy one, if there will be really one. Risako being one of the main vocalist of Berryz koubou made me understand why she became a soloist like Koharu.
Anyway, the preview is too short to correct or complain, I think I'll wait for the whole PV. This single will be released around October, so I think we'll get the full preview at the end of September or at the beginning of October. We'll just wait!
Here's the CM preview

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