Tuesday, September 21, 2010

C-ute 彼らは最高です

Just found some new video clips of C-ute's latest concert Summer-Fall Concert Tour 2010 ~Dance Special “Chou Uranaito!!”~. It's the dance medley version of the concert. Everything explains it here why I always love C-ute than any other idols of H!P, except morning musume since I love them equally.
Their dance, vocals, and everything are just great. You may agree also, they're just so talented. The songs they are singing are not really familiar to me, but i love it. Everyone got their solo verse to every song. Their dance are so great that I can't even describe their greatness, no wonder they are called to be the best dancers of H!P. Tsunku really made this group so special. There may be some ways that the other fans hates him because of the solo lines distribution, but just look how he develop this group uniquely.
I just got a news about this earlier, and it's a world wide news! The Up-Front agency decided to ustream °C-ute’s live, it became one of the world's trend topic afterwards. This topic became the 5th place trending topic in the social network Twitter. Even if it is re-recorded, thousands of fans tuned in, and the hashtag #c_utelive was created among its viewers. c-ute's really is shining. I hardly wish to attend one of their concerts someday. Hopefully, someday.

anyway, here are the videos I was talking to you about.

C-ute 2010 Chou URANAITO - Special Dance Medley

【Ustream】 ))LIVE(( Special Dance Medley/℃-ute ~ Concert Tour 2010.09.19

here's the playlist of the dance medley anyway!
- Kiiroi Osora de BOOM BOOM BOOM
- Uchuu de La Ta Ta
- Seishun no Custard / Nakajima, Okai, Hagiwara
- SHALL WE LOVE? / Yajima, Suzuki, Hagiwara
- GET UP! Rapper

℃-ute Summer-Fall Concert Tour 2010 ~Dance Special!! "Chou URANAITO!"~
Shibuya C.C. Lemon Hall
19 September 2010

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