Thursday, May 1, 2014

On Sayumi's Graduation Announcement =(

As most of us have known by now, Sayumi Michishige has decided to graduate from Morning Musume and Hello! Project by the end of their fall concert. 
I knew that someday it's bound to happen but the news still came as a shock to me, which is ironic considering that I should have expected the expected already. Of course, shock was just an initial reaction as any graduation announcement would make me feel. And there's always sadness when the news finally sinks in. Reina's graduation had been the hardest blow to me since she was my oshi and I was expecting Sayu to graduate before she does. 

But there's something special about Sayu and her graduation. I've known Morning Musume during their platinum era but I never have closely followed their line-up then. I may have not been very fond of Sayu during those years but I've seen her mature over the years and I just found myself liking her--- not in Airi or Reina level of like but she's up there in my Top 10 favorites in H!P now. And realizing that Sayu is the last girl from the platinum era, it felt like she's the last thread that connects me to the Morning Musume I've known to the Morning Musume I've com to love.

While I am sad that she will leave, my dominant feeling for this is actually gratitude. She has done so much for the group. And I honesty never seen anyone loved MM as much as Sayu did. She may have not been the best in terms of singing and dancing but there's no point in denying that she's one of the most memorable, beautiful, popular and well-loved idol by the wotas.


  1. She was always sort of a back bencher until she became leader. Then it's like she blossomed and brought the group to new heights. I'm really proud of everything she's done for Musume, and I've gained a lot of respect for her. Now it will fall to Haruna and Mizuki to lead the group to new territory. I'm actually going to miss Sayumi more then I thought I would!! And once again I'm so proud of our girl!

  2. Who do you think will be the next leader?

    1. I imagine Mizuki and Haruna will both be leaders.