Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Morning Musume'14 5th Consecutive #1 confirmed by Oricon

Colorful/Reborn era once again makes history in Morning Musume with their 5th consecutive #1 single as confirmed by Oricon to have sold 119,042 copies on it's first week!

Ranking and sales on the first week:
Day 1: #1 - *80,853
Day 2: #1 - **6,454
Day 3: #1 - **3,134
Day 4: #1 - **9,457
Day 5: #1 - **2,447
Day 6: #1 - *16,697

Weekly: 119,042 copies sold!
Current records/achievements:
1. Most consecutive Top 10 singles by a female group in Japan (Now with 56 singles, formerly 55)
2. Most Top 10 singles by all artist in Japan (56 singles)
3. 5th Consecutive #1 single in MM history
4. Leader Sayumi Michishige (consecutive #1) is now tied in 1st place with Iida Kaori as the leader with most #1 single during her leadership

"I am truly happy since I always try my best to keep updating our record. While succeeding the history from our seniors, we also want to evolve even more, and to step forward, as we are currently holding an audition for new members! We will continue to show you Monrning Musume '14 with love!" - Sayumi Michishige

While I'm happy that they debuted at #1 again and obviously securing that spot for the week, I won't deny the fact that when I first saw the first day sales of 80k, I was a bit disappointed and I think some of us did too. Probably because I've expected too much? considering how well the past 2 singles did during its release, but then again the previous single was a triple A-side with the J-melo tie-in and being the Olympic song and Wagamama/Gundan was really something, it had so much hype. But there's nothing wrong with getting disappointed, as fans we also want Morning Musume'14 to continue that upward streak of popularity and skills.They've been having an upward scale recently, so drop can give us a little pang of disappointment. But don't get me wrong, I'm happy and really proud of the girls that they made a new record and had maintained their 100k sales mark. 

There could be a lot of factors that contributed to the decrease in sales, others relate it to the tax increase in japan, it could be that people are getting tired of the dance formation that it no longer have that "wow" factor in it as it used to be or maybe ballads doesn't just sell well with the target market unless you're one of the xxx48 (I still think TokiSora is a brilliant masterpiece! I love that song!). But who knows? maybe UFA noticed that their wouldn't be any real competition on the release week and getting that 5th consecutive #1 would just be a piece of cake, so they tried to hold back some of the promotion and reserved it for the 2nd or 3rd week. Perhaps they're hoping for the single to have a longevity in the charts instead of just giving everything on its first week.

Here are Morning Musume'14's TV and magazine appearances for the following week/s:
4/23 Lion no Gokigenyo (Sayu, Eripon, Ayumi, Zukki)
4/24 Lion no Gokigenyo (Sayu, Eripon, Ayumi, Zukki)
4/25 Music Station(Password is 0), Lion no Gokigenyo (Sayu, Eripon, Ayumi, Zukki)
4/28 Music Japan Morning Musume Single Special re-air
4/29 Music Japan Morning Musume Single Special re-air
5/7 Ichiban Song Show

4/23 RAY
4/24 TV Navi (Sayu, Mizuki, Riho, Ayumin, Sakura)
4/24 Myojo (Sayu, Riho, Duu)
4/24 smart (Mizuki, Eripon, Zukki, Harunan)
4/24 TV fan (Mizuki, Eripon, Zukki, Harunan)
4/24 B.L.T. (Riho, Ayumin, Sakura)
4/30 Gekkan Entame (Sayu, Maachan)
4/30 Cool-up Girls (Maachan, Duu)
5/20 ch file Kyushu ver. (Eripon, Ayumin, Sakura)
5/23 CanCam (Eripon)

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