Monday, April 14, 2014

More comments on C-ute's New Found Skill

C-ute has taken their dancing prowess to a whole new level but there are mixed reactions from wotas regarding this whole pole dancing incident, of course, there's an inevitable mention of "Strip Tease"

No one in the current H!P era does sexy better than C-ute! 

I like how C-ute constantly seeks to improve themselves as a group. Surely, this wasn't the first time they tried something new. And they usually get praised for trying out something in the group like their flag dance and acapella. But this time, C-ute had taken their sexiness and dancing abilities to a whole new level, only this time it somehow received a negative reception among some of their fans.

I tried to watch the video several times, to properly contemplate about how I truly feel and think about this. And honestly, I'm okay with the most part of the performance. 

While some had been dismayed and associated this with "strip tease", I wasn't. I was actually okay with this whole pole dancing. Not because I like this kind of stuffs in "such" a way though I'm pretty much aware of the sensuality of this kind of dance but I'd like to keep an open mind. Personally, I rather tend to look at pole dancing as an expression of art, as it requires a lot of skills, muscles,grace and flexibility to do at least the basics of it. I applaud Nakky and Mai for delivering a good performance. But Nakky was more flawless, of course.

Honestly, I was a bit more bothered with these three spreading their legs...

But overall, C-ute did a great job in showing us that they can take on any challenge to deliver a good performance. To those who didn't take this so well, I kind of understand where they're coming from. Especially when the outfits were obviously screaming "sexy". But there's no point in denying that the C-ute we've all come to love is now growing up and it's pretty obvious what track they're trying to pursue right now. But if they truly want to take on this route since it works for the group, fine. I just hope that there wouldn't be too much fanservice that would finally lead this one into an actual strip show! Please NO! I could take in C-ute as Sexy but Wholesome, not cheap-slutty-sexy.

So I posted on our fanpage asking what they thought after watching C-ute's Pole dancing performance and here's some of their reactions:

1. I salute Saki and Mai's performance. They did a good job


3. My reaction is "Why didn't I hear about this?" and "link please!"

4. Disappointed as hell. The more i wish we get rid of fan service, the deeper they go in it. More shit like this and i am off.

5. It's sexy Once in a while so it's alright Nacky and Maimai did very good job!

6.  Disappointment.

7. Shock!!!!!

8. everyone keeps saying "i was so disappointed" or "its so uncomfortable watching c-ute do something like that". guys the youngest is 18 years old. And it's not like they're stripping xDD ive heard pole dancing is SUPER difficult and takes a lot of upper body strength, so i think Maimai and Nakky did super well!! oWob

9. The only group in hp who can perform anything and everything!!! Love them to bits and pieces :)) #awesome #teamcute

10. Best Performance EVER!

11. Pole dancing isn't inherently sexual; the only reason people think of it as such is because of the association with strippers. That being said, i think with the costumes and everything its obvious which direction they're going with this. But I think the pole dancing was well executed. C-ute as a group is always trying to push the limits of their dancing capabilities (think of the flag dance a while ago). But please don't act like this is the first sexualized fan-servicey thing that H!P has done. If you think that, take a look at Maki Goto's videos near the end of her time in H!P. They were SO over the top. Or Melon Kinenbi's "Nikutai wa shoujiki na eros". There are so many examples. Lets just take solace in the fact that this rarely ever happens :'D

12. C-ute is really amazing because they always come up with something different to wow the audience! Furthermore pole-dancing is super difficult and it showed off their muscles! I think it was very risky as Mai is only just 18, but the pole-dancing wasn't super sexy.. It seemed mainly acrobatic. Anyway I don't see the problem with it, there is nothing shameful in being sexy.

13. Love so much!!!I don't think it is over. Just a perfect performance!!!

14. Wotas fapped a lot during this performance \o/ That's my reaction~

15. Also amazed at maimai's leg muscles lol

16. Personally I like it but I am 19 and no longer a minor. It is a problem for the younger audience considering that pole dancing is associated with sexy time for your partner, show girls, strippers, or Miley cyrus (lol). It is rigorous and therefore I a appreciate their hard work, but they whole thing gave off a strip club vibe and this was obviously fan service. I still respect c-ute nonetheless, just annoyed with fan service. Atleast they waited until mai turned 18

17. Strange.

18. Wow cute and sexy.

19. Simple: Triplo nosebleed...

20. I love it! Hope they keep this up!

21. They were great! A great performance... I think there's nothing bad in being sexy, they were not slutty but only sexy and very good dancers!

22. respect for she it's true it's one surprise see c-ute make one pole dance! not blame she c-ute to obey the order it's tsunku the bad not le group he uses the girl of hello!project as prostitute to attract the boys give love for c-ute bad for tsunku

23. I'M IN FIRE !!!

24. I loved it! It matched the song perfectly and both of them were gorgeous in it. 

25. Awesome, I really envy with Mai's muscles and flexibility

26. sexy

27. My thoughts are that Saki is more of 'a natural' than Mai.

28. It was WAY too much. Though it did give me respect for Saki's friggen leg muscles(that stuff isn't easy and takes ALOT of strength and muscle) I just think they could've just.. not done it. Those outfits didn't help at all either. 

29.  I was annoyed.

30. Amazed! Because pole dance is so difficult. They just show us how skilled they are. Pole dance isn't about striptease only btw..

31.  bit weird ==a
ahhh so weird i guess
cuz i feel like a striptease show on some club ==

32. pole dancing is hard. serious training they did. kudos

33. my nose bleeded over


35.  Woow, wait. what?

36. It's sad that pole dance has a very negative image. It's an intense dance requiring muscle strength, real skill and talent.

37.  i know this dance are hard cuz need a muscle training so hard...
but it's a idol not striptease club...

38. They didn't strip at all, it was nothing close to a strip tease

39. Pole dancing in itself is a dance art we can see them in cirque du soleil group ( well pole dancer ) it's not for strip club mainly but it's art, we also learn that in many modern dance

40.  Wtf is that? Lap dance?

41. Do you actually know what is pole dance or lap dance? Pole dance is also a sport that requires a lot of strength, flexibility and bare skin to grip well enough.(legs, arms, sides and sometimes stomach) How is that connected to lap dance? These outfits were a bit too provocative to make this dance look just cool but it doesn't make pole dance less difficult. Great job Nakky and Mai, even tough their stylist didn't do that great job. Pole dance isn't supposed to be any sexier than any other dance or for example, gymnastics.(stripping is a totally different thing, because you can make any dance look cheap and slutty if you want to.)



  1. There is a big difference between being slutty and being sexy, i dont understand where the problem is, they try something diferent thats all, they are not getting naked on stage, its just pole dancing, people think its ok to make photobooks of other H!P members on bikini even when when they have 16 or 17 years, but gets alarmed with this? come on.

    1. I guess the problem is that others who were not so happy with this, was because they associated Pole Dancing to Strippers.... And I kind of agree with what you said about underage Bikini PBs,... but oh well, fanservice is part of the idol culture...

    2. i think you are right, i just think its not fair to judge this girls, i think its great they try new things and dont get stuck, tsunku wont let this girls become strippers lets be serious, so why dont we enjoy the effort that took to make this performance for the girls, especially Saki and Mai who were at risk of falling from the pool, its just my point of view. ;)