Saturday, April 5, 2014

Celebrating 5 Years of Awesomeness!

Our Hello! Project FB page is now 5 years old!!! ^_^
Thank you for this milestone of success!

Having to manage this page over the years is not that easy as others would think, it can sometimes take up your time by checking updates or news or anything H!P related or even by posting photos and replying to your messages. Others may argue that no one is forcing us or we're not oblige to do this on daily basis. It's true, this is a non-profit page and we're just doing this out of love for H!P.

This is where I get a certain kind of fulfillment as a fan, considering that I don't have the means to show my support to them physically. I ain't a rich wota who could afford buying multiple copies of a single or a box set or even goods.. and It's not just about having the means to buy those stuffs, it's just because I'm not into CDs or posters and most especially I'm not into online buying. Sounds ironic for someone who complains of having low sales.. LOL.. 

Be the referee! 
What probably is the hardest part in this kind of stuffs is managing conflicts. In a world where everyone gets to express their opinions freely it is inevitable for clashes of opinions to arise resulting to arguments. As much as possible we remain neutral to this one as everyone i entitled to their opinion, so log as they're not bashing, insulting idols and fans of the other group or anything that is getting too personal. I personally think that people should keep an open mind to negative criticisms and accepting that not everyone will gree on what we think.

And sometimes, it can also get annoying when you tend to post something that is not so recent and others would go "OMG, that's so yesterday!". Like duh?, we have a life too besides the fandom, and we're also posting this for the benefit of others who gets behind the news too, just like us.. SO chill =)

Over the years, we had achieved few things too:

1. Holding auditions for  new admins.

2. An album of H!P wota Issues, Meme and randomness

3. Promotonal Banners for H!P Singles

Almost 98% of our page banner were the works of our wonderful fans!

That reminds me, we also have that H!P artwork section, in whch sadly, we have neglected over the years but I'll try to get back to that. 

As much as possible we would like this page to be interactive, so if you have any suggestions to help improve our page, feel free to message us or post on our wall! We highly appreciate it!

Once again! Thank you for the continues support! Hopefully we could break that 17k mark anytime soon!

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