Thursday, March 6, 2014

Momochi celebrates her 22nd Bday, Graduation confirmed!

"Recently there have been a lot of pleasant things. I feel like I've been successful. Ufufufu,"-Momochi
I just wanna wish her a Happy 22nd Bday and Congratulations as one chapter closes in her life!
  A lot of things has been going on with Momochi right now, with BK celebrating their 10th year debut anniversary, celebrating her birthday today and most especially with the confirmation of her UNIVERSITY graduation! That's right folks! Hold your horses, she's only graduating in the UNIVERSITY and not as an idol, yet.

I may not like Momochi that much, but personally I feel proud with her accomplishments right now. It's hard to balance school and work, considering how busy both the university life and the idol world. I'm really glad that she made it through until her graduation! So from the bottom of my heart, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!