Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Sayashi Riho Vows to "Overthrow AKB48"

Morning Musume '14's Ace, Sayashi Riho enthusiastically vows to overthrow AKB48 as the current Top idol group in Japan.
After their recent success in achieving their very first 4th consecutive #1 single, Morning Musume '14 has graced the cover of Girl's Music Magazine 『GiRLPOP 2014 SPRING』(M-On! Entertainment). And member, Sayashi Riho has enthusiastically talked about her goal of recapturing their throne as Japan's Top Idol Group.

"For me, I think I want to change the history of the idol world. I think it’s amazing how currently the age of AKB48 has continued on for quite a number of years, but because I think ‘wouldn’t it be great to gradually enter a new era’, I want to work hard to alter that history,” along with the burning ambition to  ”recapture the throne”, “Since I think that there isn’t another idol group who can continue their history while replacing their members, leveraging on that characteristic, I think we want to stir up a new generation of the idol world,” -Sayashi Riho

 It's true that the current idol world is in the xxx48 era, especially AKB and I'm amazed by how strong they've been holding that #1 spot for years now with their stellar sales. But as a Morning Musume fan, and H!P in general... I'd like to see MM recapture the throne again and don't worry Riho, I will be here to support your goal and I'm sure, Morning Musume fans will be there to support you too ^_^.


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  1. Sayashi, Kudo, and Machan are incredible idols, just give them like 2 more years they will capture the throne