Saturday, December 21, 2013

Takahashi Ai is Getting Married Next Year

Takahashi Ai makes headlines with the news of her upcoming marriage next year with her 2 year boyfriend. 
The article was in Japanese, so I could only understand fragments of it, but from what I gathered, they will be getting married by February 20 the next year. I also asked a Japanese friend to confirm if I interpreted it correctly.

While I'm honestly not in favor with the guy she will be marrying, ----I've heard he has a bad reputation among women... who am I to judge? I think what matters in this situation is they're both happy with their love life. And while this news might leave some of Ai-chan's wotas broken hearted, let us just all be happy for her that finally she has found her own happiness. I wish Ai-chan all the best in her upcoming marriage life and may they both live as a happy couple. So congratulations to the both of them.

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