Friday, December 20, 2013

Morning Musume gets pranked in front of 500 fans

As much as I like pranks, I don't know how I'd react if I were in their position---- sleeping then the next thing you know is you woke up in front of 500 wotas staring at you. That feels weird...and creepy. O.o
So here's the summary of what is about to come in this new MM prank...

Summary: For the dokkiri ("prank") corner, we have set up the most elaborate morning wakeup call prank for Morning Musume, who are currently riding a new wave of popularity. On the pretext that they are headed somewhere else for work the next morning, the members were taken to a building to stay over for the night. While they were sleeping, we dismantled the walls and transformed the place into a concert hall, and then placed 500 of their fans in the audience to wait for them to wake up. Will they be able to perform while still sleepy?!

To me, it kinda sound unrealistic, c'mon dismantling the walls without waking the girls up? or at least just one person in the group? How would they even do that??? Well, unless they can pull off some Ninja moves, who knows. While some of us would be worried about what the girls would be wearing for bedtime, I'm pretty sure manager-san will do her job and make them wear something decent. Though I got a feeling that they must have been informed about this beforehand, No? But nonetheless, I'm excited for this show and I want to see the girls reactions when thy wake up!!

Anyone knows where I can possible watch the show?


  1. i could pull that off to be honest. get some good theatre tech guys

  2. ... wow ..