Thursday, June 6, 2013

Thoughts on Mari, Adultery and Bashing

I've always thought they were such a cute couple despite their height difference..... 
When I first read about the scandal, I admit I was initially shocked that Mari was capable of doing something like this. Much worse is that Nakamura discovered this act of infidelity by actually catching them on bed, the thought is quite disturbing. Guess, there are things that are better off  heard than seen. 
Honestly, this news was kind of a let down since Mari was one of my favorite Golden member. I don't necessarily hate her for doing that, I hate what she did. Some had openly voiced that they lost all their respect for her but I really don't know how I feel towards her right now...

With this whole bashing she gets from fans, netizens, the general public and even from other celebrities, I can't help but feel bad for her too. Even if I deem adultery/cheating as a horrible act, I don't have the right to condemn her. People should stop being judgmental when they don't even know the whole story behind and even if we did, I wouldn't throw harsh criticisms on her and for everyone involved. Simply because this is their life and a personal issue to be resolved by both parties. But given that they are both public figures, it's inevitable that stories like this would go out in public and catch everyone's attention.

At the end of the day, I advice everyone to stop sipping on others' cup of coffee. Bashing wouldn't help either of them. I was hoping that they could still sort this out but since they had already filed a divorce, all I can hope for now is for Mari to have learned her lesson, and may this serve as a lesson for us too about the consequences of adultery.



    1. What do you mean? we'll he was once involved with Mari