Tuesday, June 4, 2013

My Post-Reina H!P Ranking... so what changed?

 I think the last time I did this was during Gaki's leadership and the 10th gens were still new to me.. So I guess, it's just suitable if I try to check/ update my rankings and honestly, even I can't believe there had been a lot of changes but I did not include Juice=Juice yet

28. Akari Takeuchi (S/mileage)
27. Suzuki Kanon (Morning Musume)
26. Rina Katsuta (S/mileage)
 Just because this 3 girls are in my bottom 3 doesn't necessarily mean I hate them... But these are the girls I haven't really paid much attention to. I'm not that into S/mileage, so that's probably why Akari is on my bottom list and I do prefer Haruka's "boyish-ness" over hers. Zukki?? errr... I dunno what to say. My only reason why Rina ranked higher than them is that I like her singing abilities better. I don't mind to give them a chance, so if you have something in mind as to why I should like them.... do enlighten me XD
25. Maasa Sudo (Berryz Kobou)
24. Iikubo Haruna (Morning Musume)
23. Tokunaga Chinami (Berryz Kobou)

I have not paid much attention to these girls either, and the one main reason they ranked higher than the bottom 3 is because I'm overly familiar with Maasa and Chinami in BK but despite that I still don't care about them that much. As for Haruna, she still needs to keep up with her co-gens when it comes to performance IMO but there are times that I had liked her too, 2 times to be specific. First in their Profile Pic in OTT, she was the first person to catch my eye  and second, in DIY.

22. Tsugunaga Momoko (BK)

I admit that I'm really find her annoying, that was my problem with Sayumi at first too but then I learned to overcome that annoyance with Sayu but as for Momo's case, I didn't overcome it..I just got used to it. But I don't like the fact that she gets bullied in variety shows even if it's for fun, it must have hurt too and she's still a girl.... I'm not really a fan of her HIGH pitched voice, sorry! And her PIG TAILS are ten times more annoying! Please UFA, get her a new hairstyle! Even if I don't like Momo and is probably my least favorite in HP, the fact that she ranked higher than the others is simply because I would still favor those that I don't like over those that I don't care much about. Go figure.....

21. Ayaka Wada (S)

Awww, Dawa dropped in my ranking! =(, must be because I haven't followed S/mileage that much after Yuuka left. 

20.Kana Nakanishi (S)

I think she dropped too, she was actually my favorite in the 2nd gen but then she didn't quite lived up to my expectation... IMHO, she still needs to improve her singing and dancing skills.

19. Kanon Fukuda (S)

Kanon is one of the prettiest members in H!P and she has good singing and dancing skills too but since I kind of lost interest in S/mileage, I think that's the reason why she didn't rank higher.

18. Okai Chisato (C)

Chisa is still my least favorite in C-ute, I think she dropped a lil bit too, which is too bad to realize, since she really had improved a an idol, especially in her vocals and I'm quite happy that she's getting more lines in their singles now... I especially like her duet with Airi in Kanashiki Heaven.

17. Masaki Sato (MM)

She came up in the rankings!! She was formerly one of the bottom girls!---- Girls that I don't really care much about! I loved her in Brainstorming! Plus, she's been clinging around Reina, so that helped her in a way.. lol

16. Ikuta Erina (MM)

She dropped! She was my second favorite in the new gens but then as time goes by, I came to find the others more interesting than her.

15. Hagiwara Mai (C)

i think she's still in the same position, and my feelings towards her didn't really changed, except the fact that she has grown to be more beautiful over the years =)

14. Oda Sakura

No doubt, I instantly liked her after I heard her sing! Thumbs up for  Tsunku for a great choice! You just found your next Ace.

13. Sugaya Risako

Dropped a little bit but I managed to find myself not annoyed with her voice compared to before. So I don't think I have any other issues with her anymore. BTW, I love her RED hair!

12. Nakajima Saki

Not much has changed, but did I ever mention that Saki is the sexiest in C-ute?

11. Fukumura Mizuki

She came up really high in my rankings! Thanks to OTT! She had been standing out more single after single!

10. Shimizu Saki

Happy to see Captain in my top 10! Last time I checked, she's around 11-15, I can't remember.

9. Sayumi Michishige

Sayumi started to be my least favorite in the entire H!P family, before, I was more annoyed with her than with Momochi but that all changed when Ai-chan left. I love Sayu now, she's undeniably one of the best faces in H!P. And I think soon enough, she'll be my favorite MM leader.

8. Kumai Yurina (BK)

Not much has changed, I still like her the way I have liked her before.

7. Yajima Maimi (C)

Awww, Maimi dropped, she was formerly my Top 4!!! I still love her the same though....

6. Sayashi Riho (MM)

Riho was my Top 5 before =(

5. Kudu Haruka

I'm not sure where she ranks before but surely she's down there in the 20s.. But wow!! Look at her happily sitting in Top 5! Guess her boyish charms works for me!!! LOL <3

4. Tamura Meimei

If I remember right, she's within the Top 10 before.... But my lil sister is just too cute to be ignored!

3. Ishida Ayumi (MM)

Daiiiiishiii!!! Now that my beloved Reina is gone in MM, it's official that Daishi is my oshi in MM now! Just like Haruka, she's somewhere down in he 20s before but ever since OTT, I just loved her more and more. She's the second best dancer in MM! of course, Riho being the best =)....

2. Natsuyaki Miyabi (BK)

Up! This was Reina's throne, and it would have been easy to place Daishi here.. but I love Miya more!!!

1. Suzuki Airi (C)

This will NEVER change!


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  2. Interesting read. Though I'm a bit confused, it seems you are very inconsisten when it comes to the order of names, ie family name first or last?

    1. Yup, I was, lol..gomene. did that late at night XD

  3. I think I rank up the same top 2 but number 2 i should say is saysash and 6 was sakura chan .. i`d put up the same top 2 coz i was a fan of aa! .. with reina graduate .. it means that somebody should in top 3 .. and this new wave MM the one I loved is sayash ...

  4. Rank :
    1. Michishige Sayumi (MM)
    2. Suzuki Airi (C-T)
    3. Kumai Yurina (BK)
    4. Miyamoto Karin (JJ)
    5. Fukumura Mizuki
    6. Sayashii Riho
    7. Maimi Yajima
    8. Sudou Maasa
    9. Oda Sakura
    10. Takeuchi Akari