Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Feeling Blue over Reina's Graduation

Tanaka Reina's Graduation had finally concluded yesterday...
So cheers for her 10 years of love and service for the idol world and let's welcome her in the world of "rock".

For most of my H!P wota friends, I guess it's no secret that Reina is my favorite musume. I wouldn't deny the fact that prior to liking Reina, I have considered Eri as my oshimen then but Reina has always stood out for me. While I look at Eri as someone who is pretty, shy and innocent, Reina was just simply "Reina"---- COOL, CUTE and BADASS!!! So basically, my preference about who my actual oshi in MM was so conflicting. My mind tells me it's Eri but my heart says it's Reina.

But the confusion didn't really last that long since the triple graduation happened. Like I said before, I wasn't really into Morning Musume during those times, so it's safe to say that the triple graduation was just a so-so event for me. Sure I did feel sad that Eri has to leave and obviously, I didn't want her too but since it is her medical condition that is involved, I have to let it slide. As for Junjun and Linlin, well I haven't paid much attention to them. Therefore, I concluded that wasn't really heart-breaking for me. 

Credits to the one who made this
Now back to Reina, I always have regarded her highly and I'm sure H!P members thinks the same. She's definitely one of "H!P's royalties". I have always admired her as an idol, she's a great singer who has an inborn gift of rhythm according to Tsunku, she's a good dancer (though I must admit she did look lazy in OTT) and she has the pretty face, personality and charisma of a true idol. To sum it up, she's not just the closest to being a perfect Morning Musume, she IS the epitome of a PERFECT Musume.

Others might think of her as a camwhore in most of their MVs and they hate her for having most of the lines in their songs. But she didn't get it by just winking at us, she earned that spotlight owing to her talent.

May 21, 2013, the day where Nippon Budokan turned into an ocean of blue. And these moments are always my favorite part during graduations. I found myself wiping away tears when I saw the photos of fans waving their blue lights, illuminating their love for Reina. Geez, how much more if I see this in person? I'll probably cry as if it's my graduation. Oh, how I wish this was Sayu's graduation instead (I kid, I kid..don't kill me Sayu's fans lol)

Call her what you will.... Winky, Yankee, Girl with the BIG BOWS...

Seriously, that is one hell of a BIG bows! coz you can't get rid of her GINORMOUS BOWS that easily...
To us fans, she's the Reina that we all learned to love and we will always wish for the best in her future, especially in her band.. So keep rocking our world Reina!

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