Sunday, May 19, 2013

Berryz Kobou finally gets their Budokan LIVE!

Berryz Kobou's Budokan live has been announced! It will be on November 29, 3013. But they won't be getting it that easily!

After all the hyped that C-ute's Budokan live have caused among the kids, especially among the Berryzz, Tsunku finally gave in. But judging how much of a troll that he is, we'll never know what might happen. In case you don't know, C-ute's Budokan live is scheduled on the 9th of September, which is called C-ute Day but in BK's case, their Budokan dream is scheduled on November 29th, which is known as "Ii Tsunku no hi" (Good Tsunku Day). And that's just were his trolling starts, he had posed a challenge for Berryz, emphasizing that Budokan needs 10,000 audience and that if he doesn't feel their passion, SharamQ will perform instead, how's that for a trolling game?

Kami forbids, but if the odds is not in favor of BK, I hope Tsunku won't shatter their dreams. It's like giving a crying child a lollipop then take it away. Please don't give them false hopes Tsunku-san! But I really wish for the best in BK!! I'm so happy that their a step closer into turning their dream into a reality!! Best of luck girls!!
 My last words?

MAY THE ODDS BE EVER IN YOUR FAVOR (Capitol accent, hey there HG fans!!! =))


  1. "It's like giving a crying child a lollipop then take it away." This made me laugh. XD Good luck to Berryz! ^^

  2. Good grief Tsunku, why can't you just be nice and give your girls nice things? You have to make EVERYTHING revolve around you hahahahaha :')

  3. 3013 ? :C I wont be able to be there :C

    Berry good news! :P

    1. hahaha. my bad... I didn't notice that, but thank you for pointing it out, it's 2013 =)...

  4. Great news for Berryz and congratulations however at the same time I cannot help feeling bad for C-ute. C-ute has had considerably more success than Berryz with fantastic sales and selling out concert venues lately whereas the same cannot be said for Berryz despite their hard work. As a result, this announcement somewhat takes the shine off C-ute's Budokan achievement by cheapening it. Its going to take a lot for Berryz to raise their game to C-ute level but I think they are up to it. Here's hoping that management start promoting them more and giving them better material to work with.

  5. It's great news but I wonder if it is because of Saki's post and the fact that she spoke out. If she didn't, would they have still got the Budokan date I wonder?

  6. Thanks for this post. Now I understand why the announcement lacked the joy and tears and excitement that was on display at Ikeburo Sunshine City.

    BTW, I thought I'd read somewhere that back in their early days Berryz had a SOLO concert at Budokan? Even getting the distinction of youngest average age ever. Mistake?