Saturday, March 16, 2013

The quest for Reina's Successor - 12th Gen Audition

2 months to go and my dearly beloved oshi in morning Musume will be graduating and to fill the space that she'll leave, the 12th Gen Audition has been announced but does the 12th gen have what it takes to be Reina's successor?
Here's translated the Oricon article on today's audition announcement:
「Tsunku♂’s desire for Tanaka’s ‘successor’ in the 12th generation “Mirai Shoujo” recruitment after she graduates in May」

On March 16th I went to idol group Morning Musume’s “Michishige☆Eleven SOUL ~Tanaka Reina Graduation Special~” first day concert at Olympus Hall Hachioji in Tokyo. Producer Tsunku♂ came onstage suddenly during the opening MC. As fans were stirred up the announcement for “12th Generation Mirai Shoujo Audition” was announced, and the members who were not told beforehand were so surprised they crouched down.

While 11th generation member Oda Sakura (14) entered the group last September, 6th generation member Tanaka Reina (23) is graduating on the final day of the tour on May 21. This tour would be the first and last with the current 11 members, and they are quickly making their next move. Tsunku♂ said, with heart-pounding excitement, “To be able to take on the future of Morning Musume, I want to discover a spontaneous girl with an original image as if she’s from the future who will surely establish the era of tomorrow.

Tanaka Reina, who is graduating on May 21 at the Nippon Budokan in Tokyo, said: “I want a yankee to join, because there won’t be a problem child anymore. Someone with strong self-assertion, and can think ‘We won’t lose’ with regards to others.” She hopes for a yankee character to join as her successor.

Leader Michishige Sayumi (23) said: “(In the current Morning Musume) I am the cutest, it’s not a joke.” Hoping for a full-throttle narcissist character, she added: “In the 12th generation, I want a girl who can make me a joke with that.”

The 12th generation audition, which aims to recruit girls who fit the description of “Mirai Shoujo” (Future Girl), is targeted at girls aged 10 to 17. The application period is from March 16 until April 30.

And here's some spicy words from the king of trolls....
"If there are no valuable person in the audition. The number of H!P members are not important to us. We are not "small profit and quick returns" group. We are professionals. So no one will pass the audition" -Tsunku

My reaction?
I wasn't shocked as in shocked but I did not expect another audition so soon. I already thought that Tsunku had found the "ace" in Sakura, and she'll be there to kick some ass and take over Reina's position as soon as she graduates but no, Tsunku is still hungry for more aces...LOL, which isn't such a bad thing, it's good to keep on collecting "valuable stuffs" right? hahah, he must have learned something in the past-- specifically after Aki-P picked up most of his rejected girls and became something big in their own groups right now.

Well, goodluck to those who would audition, I do hope they'll find someone who can equal Reina's greatness!! XD.. I honestly only want ONE winner here.... and I hope there would be a winner, but life can be hard, considering the fact that Tsunku thinks of Reina as the closest o being the PERFECT MoMusu!!


  1. the audition name is Future Shoujo it seems hes looking for a pretty and cool type of girl and not someone who can sing really well like Reina... but i really hope he pick someone who can sing like Sakura lol.

  2. Then I guess Reina's successor was not Sakura then...
    The news does give me an impression that it's to add another member/s after perhaps the 6th generation go but with Morning Musume's success, they might be looking to focus more on getting another spotlight member perhaps. I hope there are two girls this time.