Thursday, March 21, 2013

Just some Brainstorming Review... Ok NOT really lol

Finally, Brainstorming's MV is finally out!! I actually waited for the MV to come out before I would review this. So what do I get?
My final exam just ended and I just woke up, so I doubt I could brainstorm much with this review, lol, my brain is already drained out XD
The Song

I honestly LOVE the song, I don't care if it's "in some ways" sounds like a mash up of Help Me and Wakuteka Take A Chance, what's brainstorming afterall if you can't combine some of your previous works and in the end, could give you a brilliant results? Surprisingly, despite the fact that this is Reina's last single, she doesn't get that much line in this song and I pretty much liked how it turned out to be. The other girls had the chance to showcase their vocal abilities. I am not especially fond of Masaki, and I don't pay much attention to her but damn, I swear I love her solo line here!!! And thumbs of for Daishi and Haruna's solo too! They did very well. And of course still hands down to Sakura's powerful voice. Overall, I love the song, it is catchy and what's important is that it sticks to my mind easily that I sometimes find myself humming to it while. 

The Costume 

The costumes are great and it compliments the feel of the song which is "COOL". It does somehow reminds you with some of H!P costumes but who cares, they look great in this, albeit the fact that I usually have "fashion issues" with H!P especially with their concert outfits.

The Dance and MV 

When the dance shot came out, I was ecstatic as to how cool the dance moves are. Initially, I thought that C-ute was the dancing prowess in H!P (I still do think they are) but Morning Musume is really catching up with their dancing skills single after single! So maybe I could just leave the "sexy" part to C-ute and let MM handle the "cool" image. Basically, there isn't much difference with the loose shot ver and the MV, they only added some close up shots and a drop of a group shot. Glad that they have given the dance shot more focus since this is the strongest point in the MV. And oh, I especially love that mini dance battle between Riho and Daishi, I have always wished to see something like that in their MVs and I wish it could have been longer.. lol, but I'll take what I can. To me, that was the best part of the MV. 

Overall, It was Riho who stood out the best here, her very presence demands for attention especially when she takes center stage in the dance. I like how Reina's last single turned out to be and I would be sad to not see her in their next MVs. To wrap it all up, I have high hopes for this single, I hope they'll get another no. 1

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