Friday, August 17, 2012

Cat's Eye 7 PV is Up~

When they announced this formation, I was ecstatic because the costumes looked so cool that they'd look like a bad-ass group. Plus this was specially made for the stage adaptation of one of my favorite childhood anime, Cat's Eye!! So I really prayed for this to get a AWESOME PV to be specific, Well, basically, they have provided a PV for this........but did I get what I want?

Not exactly!

This was more like a dance shot than an actual I don't know if this is gonna get another version of the PV. The dance was great, it has the cool and sexy appeal to it which I think really compliments the plot of Cat's Eye. The choice of place and the night time is good with the additional helicopter effects were a good choice. 

I was actually hoping for a story line on this one! I mean a story line would be relevant to the whole MV and the Stage play wouldn't it??? (No budget, I get it). The helicopter sound was a nice start. But I still can't help but wish they added a story line on this one, like featuring the girls stealing some archives in the museum, aren't they supposed to be thieves? Then maybe add up some little action scene, I'm pretty sure Maimi would kick-ass on that part! and then the guards or the police would be alarmed with the whole stealing-stuff they're doing, then more action scenes, chasing scenes or something like that (uhh, typical Cat's Eye episodes seen on the anime) but then of course, they would fail on catching the girls and I think the last part on the MV would be a good finish too but instead of not seeing anything they could at least left the cat's eye card there, you think?

Yes, I know I'm not good at making story lines either...LOL...just hoping they did something to spice things up for the PV. On second thought, this isn't really a major release, so I'll let it go......XD

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