Wednesday, August 15, 2012

C-ute no Longer Cute w/ Aitai Aitai Aitai Na

Aitai Aitai Aitai Na MV has finally been revealed early this morning! Of all the releases from Hello! Project, C-ute's singles has always been my most awaited. So this was a fresh wake up call!

When I actually first heard the song preview, I didn't really liked it instantly, so I decided that I'll just have to wait for the whole MV to come out until I decide as to how I truly feel towards this single.

And so now, here it is...

I always have preferred the mature side of C-ute ever since Namida no Iro came out and I guess I outgrew their cute side. To me, this is the style of music that perfectly fits their group, plus the powerful dance moves are really impressive.

The whole PV looked rather simple than I expected, but overall it's still great, anyways, from what I can see, the highlight of this MV is the powerful dance shot, so the plain setting is forgivable. The dance perfectly fits the nature of the song, and this is one of C-ute's best choreography IMO. They're still the Best Dancers to me as a group!

 The first few seconds featuring Airi made me think that maybe there was some kind of a story line, but NO, there's none! (I was hoping for a story line, but then again story line isn't H!P's thing).

The song is still growing on me but I'm pretty sure I'll be loving or getting used to it eventually, I mean what C-ute song did I ever hate? I particularly like the techno part followed by the goth instrumental, and the girls running away.......I was actually wondering where they would be going, but then the next shots featured them still on the same place LOL...

 Chisa: I'm definitely gonna be a lead vocalist in C-ute

 3 main leads in C-ute
Chisato: The Airi/Maimi show in C-ute is totally gone

Airi: Why take my spotlight? 

 Mai: What about me and Nakky?

Nakky: Don't worry Mai, I've got a plan!

Mai: *reads nakky's plan*

 Nakky what are you doing??? O.o


 Airi wants her spotlight back

 At least she didn't touch my most valuable asset...... legs....

 Airi: You can have your legs b*tches! I'm still Queen Bee in C-ute!


  1. Ohohoho. There's a story line. It's pretty screwed up, but it's there.

  2. just imagined the storyline that you made XDDD LOL
    don't worry Airiin neechan, eventhough someday you're no longer the main vocal in c-ute, you'll always in my heart <3

    1. too, I will always love airi the most in HP

  3. I think the dance is good, the song is good and the MV is okay but maybe it's the bridge that destroys it a bit for me. The church organs part was really strange if you ask me and they must get very tired with some of these dance moves.

    I must say that Maimi does look absolutely gorgeous though! Chisato is my favourite but I wish she didn't cut her hair that short, wish it was little longer.