Thursday, December 29, 2011

Yuuka Tribute Plan~^^~

We already posted this in our Facebook page, but I'll be posting it here so that everyone can easily read it..
So, our plan it so take our selves a photo doing the gambatte pose, which looks like this..
It's not really necessary to let you guys attach a message in the photo, but better if you'll do it.
Also, we still didn't plan out which song we'll use for the video, so I would like to hear everyone's recommendations.. We don't have enough time, so I hope everyone will send it today..
It would be totally fine too if you'll send more than 1 picture :)
Send it to our email address:
This time, I'll send a notification if we received it..
Don't forget minna!
Yuuka will be graduating this December 31, and let's all support her.. :)

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