Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Kyuukies and C-ute will be in J-Melo for a Day!

Morning Musume Kyuukies members and C-ute will be featured in J-Melo's New Year special episode~! YAY~!
Morning Musume is part of the J-Melo team, so it would not be really surprising, but C-ute, I'm soooo excited that they'll be featured in this special episode since I still didn't witness an episode with them after I found out the TV program J-Melo.. :)
This would be really exciting to start the year so minna-san! Don't forget to watch it and be sure not to miss it!
It will have 5 repetition, so there will be no reason to miss it!
and yes, they're accepting requests and messages, so it would be great that everyone will request for their favorite H!P idol since it will help their promotion and more.. :) yet, you can still enjoy their appearance too.. :)

Check the J-Melo website for more details, and it's English so nothing to worries.. :)

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