Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Pocket Morning Weekly Q&A (week of 11/20/2011) from H!O~!!!

Hello everyone, here's this week's, "Pocket Morning Weekly Q&A" from H!O.
Please enjoy~^^~

Question: What H!P member do you think would protect you from a robber/thief?


Yajima Maimi-chan. She has a sense of justice,
and muscle power, too!!↑


Okai Chisato-chan. I think she would
make him run just with her tension (^^)

Yajima Maimi-san. She's strong,
so a thief would lose in no time ♪

Sudou-san (>v<)=b

Sudou Maasa-san.

Okai Chisato-san.

Suzuki Kanon-san. She's always nice
to me, so I think she would fight
with me if a thief would come in (≧v≦)☆

Niigaki Risa-san. She's very reliable
and seems strong. As a leader, she would
definitely protect me.

Senpais - Tanaka-san, Niigaki-san,
Michishige-san, Mitsui-san. They're all very
nice so I think they would protect me.

Niigaki-san ☆

I love MM's answers in this question!!
Gaki-san & Aika & Kanon have right idea~ Chissa can be really fearsome!!!
Sayu & Mizuki also have right idea! Maimi will take down a thief in no time~!
Ren-chan & Eripon & Riho believe in Maasa-chan's "POWER" like most of H!P members~!!!
Haruna picked Kanon! Seems really odd choice to me but I think Haruna can take out a thief without Kanon's help~ Because she's ready to fight!!!
Haha~ Ayumi & Haruka chose Gaki-san~! I like Ayumi's answer, she said Gaki-san seems strong~^^~
Yay~! Keep believe in your senpais, Masaki~ They will protect you, no matter what!!!

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