Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Pocket Morning ℃-ute Weekly Q&A (Week of 11/24/2011) from H!O~!!!

Hello everyone, here's this week's, "Pocket Morning ℃-ute Weekly Q&A" from H!O.
Please enjoy~^^~

Q. Which Hello!Pro member do you feel would protect you if a thief came?

Sudou Maasa-chan!! Niigaki Risa-san!!

Okai Chisato. I think she'd get into a fight

Maasa!! I feel like she'd fly to my rescue ☆彡



Wow~! Almost everyone said Maasa-chan!!!
Maimi you don't need Maasa-chan & Gaki-san's help. I am pretty sure you can take out one thief by yourself~^^~
I am with you, Nakky~ I think Chissa will fight and win!!!

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