Thursday, July 14, 2011

Hagiwara Mai-chan Changed her Hair Color Into Brown?!

 Mai-chan changed her hair into brown! *SHOCKED!* O_o
I'm really shock and unexpectedly saw this photo. I never thought Mai will make her hair brown. I hate it at first, and still not used to it. But when I saw a very cute photo of hers(see it below), it makes me think "SHE"S SO CUTE!". Well, I'm still not used to it. She's now a very mature idol, I'm gonna miss the baby Maimai we all knew.
 I think only Maimi, Saki and Airi left who haven't changed their hair color. I'm still preferring for their original,  but I still love how they looks no matter what hair color they'll have.
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  1. oh this colour fits her so well!! *wwww* ♥