Friday, July 15, 2011

Nakajima Saki Opens Ameba Blog!

C-ute member, Nakajima Saki finally opens her Ameba Blog. "Blog day's"

Ameba is a highly popular blog in Japan and alot of artists are using it. So It's a good thing that Naki has opened an official account. In that way, she could conncect more to her fans. Naki admitted that she's still new to ameba and is not familiar with how it works. With her first entry, she has received 600 hundred comments!! waaaah! I can't wait till they make their individual facebook account!

On her page, she had a seductive picture wearing a black dress and another one in a white dress, I guess it's from her PB though I'm not sure with it..XD..

here's the link to her official account Nakajima Saki Ameba Blog

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