Wednesday, June 8, 2011

UFZS Member Colos Are Already Revealed!

The colors for each member of UFZS has been revealed!
  • Sengoku Minami is Red
  • Furukawa Konatsu is Pink
  • Sekine Azusa is Orange
  • Arai Minami is Blue
  • Satou Ayano is Purple
  • Saho Akari is Yellow
  • Mori Saki is Green
Glad to see UFZS have their own member colors already. It seems that I'll be a big fan of Ayano, since she's the one who has my favorite color(well, that doesn't really matter, right?) Anyway, I'm glad that UFZS are making their selves more active, and maybe they'll going to be a long-termed unit.
Stay tuned and keep in touch for more updates!

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  1. UFZS are a group from UFA but their not a singing group, they mostly do Kpop dance covers