Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Has Kago Ai been a Bad Girl Again?

Now, before you start ranting about the title, I would just like to clarify that I am not saying she's a Bad person or anything such. You'll get what I mean after you read on the article.

As we all know, Kago has been involved in scandals during her time with HP and MM and is also the main reason why she was dropped by her agnecy. She has been rebuilding her career but it seems scandals are still following her.

On June 7th, Nikkan Sports reported that Kago Ai is having issues against her agency regarding her contract and in the latest issue of Josei Jishin, they reported that Kago is living with a man around his 40s and was quoted as "A".

Kago claimed that she was already independent form her agency back in January through the man "A" but her agency refused, stating she still has 2 years more on her contract. Nikkan Sports also revealed that Kago has been canceling all her activities in the last minute ever since she started dating this Mr. "A" and so the agency suspended her activities. What's more is that she reopened her blog and made a live without the permission of her agency.

Nettere News 24 asked the agency about this issue, to which the agency replied "It’s true that she is with this man, and that she has canceled some works as it was reported. We would like to discuss it over with her, but there is nothing we can do since this man is there (as a negotiator and mediator). It seems like she is somewhat controlled by this man, so currently we can not set any schedule for her.”

On the same day that the news came out, Kago blogged about the issue stating "
“It’s true that I left my former agency ‘MAINSTREAM Inc.’, however there are some points different from the fact, therefore, I’m posting this to alleviate some of your worries. Although I was indebted a lot by the agency when I made a comeback, we had discussed many times about our different directions toward my career since last October. Unfortunately, I had to give up on working with them as a result. I have canceled the contract officially through a lawyer in November. Canceling the contract is not due to my selfishness, and it was a cancellation according with the law. Although I received an objection about the cancellation by ‘MAINSTREAM Inc.’, the discussion ended without any details from them. The man who was reported is one of the people who have been supporting me for this transfer. I’m currently working on the transfer with the backing of several people"

Kago ended the blog by writing "
I, Kago Ai, will never do anything to betray the fans anymore. Please continue to support me."

Wew~ so far, this is the longest one I've ever wrote in this blog since I started blogging her and please don't hate me with the title *I don't mean it that way >w< .I'm not really sure what to think about this latest issue with Kago but I hope she would resolve this as soon as possible.


  1. Gee, I hope she's not getting into anything bad again... As she's the first MM and H!P member's name I learned, it's a bit sad for me to see she's still getting caught up in scandals. I just hope things turn out well...

  2. Although during the times I've got myself involved with HP, Kago was no longer there but I still hope she could resolve this soon