Sunday, April 3, 2011

Morning Musume to Hold Fundraising Activities at their Concert

Ai Takahashi, the leader of Morning Musume, announced yesterday in her blog that they'll hold a fundraising activity during their spring tour which will begin today.
She wrote:

We, Morning Musume, will begin our spring tour on 4/3 at Oomiya Sonic City.Right now, everyone is focusing on helping the victims and restoration from the “Great Tohoku Earthquake”.We, Morning Musume, have also been thinking about what we can do to help even just the littlest bit.After a discussion with the members, we have decided to hold fundraising activities in the lobby of the venue for as long as time allows.We would be so grateful to everyone who contributes even a little bit at tomorrow’s venue whether you’re coming or going.Thank you.”
This is a very helpful idea to hold this kind of activity to help all of the people in Japan who suffers due to the earthquake, tsunami, and other calamities. It's going to be a big help, and hopefully, fans who'll attend to the said event will cooperate. Pray for Japan!

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