Monday, March 28, 2011

Up-Front Agency Artists Write Messages to Earthquake Victims

Up-Front Agency has just created a page with inspiring messages from those under their management. Check out the messages from some of UFA’s female talents, idols, and groups below!

Abe Natsumi
Our hearts are coming together.
We’re joining forces.
Please, don’t let your hearts give in…
Words enough aren’t enough to express this, but
We’ll always be by your side.
(There are people)praying everywhere for you,
Doing what we can.
Those close to you, and – no matter who you are – one by one,
Let’s all cooperate and look forward.
Iida Kaori
Those who have suffered because of the Tohoku earthquake, you have my deepest, heartfelt sympathy.
When I see the daily news I grieve so much, but among this state of affairs, I’m touched as a fellow Japanese person by how hard you are all trying to cooperate together. I’ve been thinking about what I can do (to help). I’ve been conserving electricity every day and started a fundraiser, (but) I’ve been thinking that above all, I want to give everyone energy and courage by doing my job in the entertainment industry! The immense situation around us will go on for some time, but together, let’s do our best to aim for a bright life, putting our own safety first!
Ishikawa Rika
To everyone who has been hurt by the Tohoku earthquake, you have my deepest sympathy.
When each one of us joins forces, without a doubt, we become huge help (to Japan).
Now, let’s strive with all our might to do what we can, without forgetting to smile.
I’m sincerely praying for the everyone’s safety, healthy, peace, and for the day that (Tohoku is) rebuilt to come soon.
Kikkawa Yuu
To all of the victims, you have my heartfelt sympathy.
Kikka’s hometown was also damaged by the tsunami as a result of the earthquake. Since I was in Nagoya when the earthquake hit, I didn’t didn’t experience the dreadfulness of the earthquake, but when I returned home the other day for the first time in a while, I saw the tremendousness of the damage with my own eyes. I was really surprised by it. The scenery I had seen so much until now had been changed like this in just one moment… Honestly, it was scary. But seeing everyone in my neighborhood cooperating, helping each other out and working with all their effort to rebuild along with the volunteers, I strongly felt that I wanted to do something for all of you and be helpful.
I don’t know what it is that I can do to help, but my thoughts of rebuilding are with you all. Kikka will be trying her best too!
C-ute (Yajima Maimi)
We are truly sorry to all the family and friends of those who died because of this disaster. And to all of the victims, you have our heartfelt sympathy.
Even now, there are so many unbelievable scenes of the areas struck by the earthquake coming from the news.
Amongst that, the victims of the earthquake are joining hands with everyone else and walking, eyes looking forward.
It’s so terrible that I can’t even imagine what it’s like, but I feel intensely that all the victims are uniting and living strongly (through this disaster).
Conversely, I don’t think I’m the only person to cheer on, “You can’t mope forever. Let’s do the best that we each can.”
I feel that right now, there are people who are keeping at it everywhere, even in the places that haven’t been covered in the news.
We’re going to do what we can to be useful to the victims of the disaster, with all our might.
We pray that the day when the areas struck by the earthquake, and the day that everyone can return to their normal lives, comes quickly.
Satoda Mai (Country Musume)
To everyone who has become victim of this earthquake disaster, you have my deepest sympathy.
The dreadful earthquake and tsunami that carried away everything… It’s sad, and troublesome.
But you absolutely can’t give in!
That way, you’ll be able to go back to the beloved towns of Tohoku, and everyone can begin smiling again.
Together, each of us is doing what they can.
Believe in yourselves, believe in people, and believe in Japan.
It’s a great effort to go on and not give up.
Let’s all help each other at a time when we feel like we’re about break!
Have hope in your heart.
S/mileage (Fukuda Kanon)
All of the disaster victims have our utmost sympathy.
We’re trying extremely hard to think of what S/mileage can do, and what we can do.
All of us have been conserving electricity, donating, and thinking and talking about what we can each do.
When the earthquake hit, Aya was at home (in Gunma), but she was really shocked by it because she hadn’t really experienced tremors (like that) until now. At Saki-chan’s house, all the tableware was smashed and the shelves fell. Since Kanon-chan was having a dance lesson in Tokyo, she walked from Tokyo to her home in Saitama. The train that Yuuka-chan was riding stopped, so I heard she had to walk on the railroad tracks.
But when we consider how the victims are experiencing more and more terrible things even now, we feel that we have to think of something we can do.
Right now, at the supermarket near my house, there’s nothing left because everybody stocked up on (supplies), and at the gasoline stations there are incredible lines. Because of the hoarding and the gasoline shortages, there aren’t enough goods for the areas struck by the disaster.
I think that the people who need the food and gasoline the most should have priority.
I intend on not stocking up (on these goods).
I understand that people get very nervous in situations like these, but everyone, try to stay calm and not stock up, because I want the victims to be able to have some peace of mind even for just one day.
S/mileage is blessed to be healthy, so we would like to cooperate as well.
Since the name of our group, “S/mileage”, means “an age of smiles”, we’d like to our songs to put lots smiles on faces around Japan and around the world so that you can smile at times like this.
We’ll be doing our best so that we can make the victims of the earthquake smile even just a little bit with our songs, and put smiles back on your faces!
Tsuji Nozomi
About two weeks have passed since the Tohoku earthquake.
Even now, there are aftershocks and problems with the nuclear power plants… I think the victims of the earthquake are passing each day with more anxiety and discomfort than we are.
But, now, everyone across Japan and even people from overseas are working their hardest together to make Japan bright and cheerful!!
As for what I’m able to do now… I’m conserving energy, conserving water, fundraising, and donating goods. Maybe I’m only helping a little, but I’m still going to keep helping out!
Right now, I want (Japan) to advance step by step, as we accept the reality before our eyes!! I want to move on!! That’s how I feel!!!
People are creatures who absolutely can’t live all by themselves.
At troubled times, we help each other…
And our hearts believe in each other…
And, don’t forget to smile!!!
We’re going to join forces with everybody else and persevere!!!!
If we can look up and try our best
If we don’t give in
I absolutely believe that a brighter tomorrow will come!
Nakazawa Yuko
Those who have suffered from the Tohoku earthquake and their families have my most sincere sympathy.
I hope I can take advantage of my health and continue singing so that I can put a smile back on just one of the many faces in the soon-to-be-bright Japan, even just for a fraction of a second!
Let’s be connected!
Berryz Koubou (Shimizu Saki)
To all the victims of the Tohoku earthquake, you have our deepest sympathy.
We’ve been so moved by all the people across Japan and throughout the world that we’ve been thinking of what we ought to do ourselves. Maybe what we as Berryz Koubou can do is small, but if we can gather all our strength, I believe that we can be greatly helpful.
We’re praying for Japan’s beautiful future from the bottom of our hearts.
Matsuura Aya
To everyone who has been affected by the Tohoku earthquake and their relatives, you have my heartfelt sympathy. And, I’m praying for Japan’s quick restoration and reconstruction.
I’ll keep doing what I can. I’ve been calling out to those around me.
Please, don’t give in.
Miyoshi Erika (v-u-den)
Those whose (homes, etc.) were damaged by the Tohoku earthquake, those who are missing even now, and many other people across Japan are experiencing something difficult.
Even now, this reality feels so unbelievable to me.
I’m wishing from the bottom of my heart that the day the areas struck by the disaster are rebuilt and the day that we can have some peace of mind both come soon.
From now on, I’ll keep on doing what I can so that the bright smiles will return to everyone’s faces  and the bright future (will come).
Murata Megumi (Melon Kinenbi)
Victims of the earthquake, how is your health?
As someone who was born and raised in Tohoku, (when I saw) the scenery I was so used to and heard the name (Tohoku)… my heart grieves so much over what terrible things that have happened.
I think of my really heartbroken and enormous feelings, but when it comes to all the people in Tohoku, I believe that surely, they have the strong power to stand up from here on.
And throughout Japan right now, we’re each looking for what we can each do, and are praying for the day that Tohoku will be full of energy to come soon.
Please, let’s take each others’ hands and get over this together without giving in!
Let’s go on believing in the strengths of the people who are trying their best for their own strength, Tohoku, and Japan!!
Morning Musume (Takahashi Ai)
So many people have been affected by the Tohoku earthquake.
What we can do while praying for the area’s speedy reconstruction is sing. I want our songs to quickly reach the people who tell us that listening to Morning Musume’s songs gives them energy and puts a smile on their face!
Morning Musume and all of Hello! Project feels this way.
And above all, we want to see everybody soon!

Yaguchi Mari
Everyone affected by the earthquake:
To all the people whose (homes, etc.) were damaged by the Tohoku earthquake, you have my deepest sympathy, and I pray for those who have lost their lives to have happiness in the next world. And, I also pray that the day comes soon when the area affected by the disaster is able to recover.
In darkness, there is always light. So please, don’t lose your smiles.
Maybe the things I can do (to help) now aren’t very good, but I think I’ll do them with all my might.
I hope that the day everyone can smile and that our day-to-day lives are safe and sound comes quickly.
Yoshizawa Hitomi
All of the victims of the disaster have my deepest sympathy, from the bottom of my heart.
I hope that the day (Tohoku) is revived will come soon.
Even though I’m only one person, I’ll be helping and doing what I can, so that the many people (affected by the earthquake) can start smiling.
We pray for those who died during the Tohoku earthquake to have happiness in the next world, and all the people and families that have become victims of the disaster have our heartfelt sympathy.
We live Osaka, so the shaking went on for a few minutes, bringing back the memories of the 1995 Kobe earthquake that happened in Osaka even though we were young at the time. We felt so scared back then, but it was no match for the tremors and tsunami (of the Tohoku earthquake). Our hearts truly hurts, as we can sympathize with the feelings of all the victims who (saw) the damage happening on the news every day right before their very eyes and (had to) confront this enormous natural disaster.
Now, amidst the many people who are living through this uneasy time, maybe what we are able to do is small. But we’ve been thinking of something we can do to be helpful to the victims of the earthquake, and since we feel that we should start from something we’re able to do, we’re thinking of helping out alongside the victims of the disaster.
Throughout Japan and the world right now, there are many people who are spending their time praying for the safety of all the victims. People who offered to be volunteers, people who report beneficial news, and people who spread that news. People who are donate money, and people who send relief supplies.
In the aftermath of the earthquake, the scale of which has never existed (in Japan) before, there are many people who are hurt, and who are struggling with sadness and anxiety. Since the sadness of this calamity is so deep that it cannot be expressed in words, we truly feel that it’s a trying and difficult time for everyone.
But if we can overcome the present, without a doubt, a light will come shining through.
We can’t look forward instantly in a situation like this, but the fact is that doing so can change our lives in a big way. Please, stay strong and don’t give in.
We’ll be praying for the day that the areas struck by the disaster to come soon.

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