Saturday, December 18, 2010

Morning Musume 9th Generation Finalists

The news about the 9th generation audition has been released and revealed more details about the finalists several days ago. I offer you guys my huge apology for not updating this due to some difficulties and I don't have the feeling to write about anything until today. But anyway, since I'm back, I'll tell you guys more about this tonight.

So there are 5 finalists out of 9,000 applicants for this audition, and I'm glad to hear that more news have been updated ever since the day Eririn, Junjun, and linlin graduated. This news was fully revealed the day after the trio graduated (well, I expected that they'll be introduced in the Graduation concert)

here are some snapshots I can share to you:

I think the finalists are only five, since there are some footage of the audition where they're performing individually and there's a footage that they dance as a group, as how I can tell. The third girl above appeared in the Jc&Jk audition this year and got a chance to appear/perform in the momusu's fashionable play just this year. Her name is Riho Sayashi. Based on my sources, she's still 11 or 12. I can't really tell.
I'm glad to hear that she tried out for the audition, and hopefully, she'll pass and be part of Morning Musume. In the news, no Hello!Pro eggs passed the audition (not really sure, but we'll see in the next update), which is somewhat disappointing especially to the fans..I'm not so sure about these finalists though, but I'll tell you guys more about it as soon as official news will be released. For now, these are the things that I can share you.

Oh, anyway, here are the videos I was talking about earlier. A footage of the audition, and the other one where the 5 girls performed in from of Tsunku.


  1. "So there are 5 finalists out of 9 applicants for this audition" , there were 9,000 applicants, or being in Morning Musume isn't interesting anymore...

  2. sorry, it seems that I'm not really thinking about what I'm typing out due to some feeling difficulties, but I already change it.. thanks for correcting..

  3. it's okay, it's the same for me, JunLin and Eri are ones of my fav members. :(

  4. the only egg that fits in momusu......
    is kikkawa..... but she wasnt allowed to participate >_< dammit xD

    anyways... the first girl....i liked her.. until i knew shes a true AKB fan... xD lol....
    its not that i dun like her anymore... just... having mixed feelings now....
    and @ the 2nd vid.. idk WHAT shes doing,,,, hmzz.. well...

    any OG members are irreplaceable..
    but whoever gets in ill love... no matter what..
    i wish them all the best of luck.. :)